Mikey ‘The Good Kid’ Mendoza 1st

April 4th, 2012

Mikey Mendoza is on a life roll at the moment; scoring a double page spread in the lastest issue of Slam, becoming a school leader at his high school and now taking first place at the SBA 2012 AM series.

From SBA:
“That is until we saw Mikey blast out of the gates. He seemingly made four consecutive tricks before some of the other guys had even dropped in. His run was pretty delightful and it was clear that he is going to put a healthy notch in the Aussie skateboarding tree. He blasted bigger flips over the hip, kickflips over the big rail and the long fun box, backside flips over the wheelchair ramp, stoinked tre flips over the steep hip, manuals to kickflip, kickflips to nosewheelie and perfectly folded hardflips down the bank. What a little ripper and yep: only fourteen. It was Mikey’s last chance to take out the Juniors before he does a ‘Ryder’ and has to step to the Opens next year. In fact, five of the top six will be doing a ‘Ryder’ next year. It is going to be a pretty heated Opens in 2013 indeed…” Full Article

We caught up with Mikey who gave us a run down of the comp through his eyes.

Volcom: Mikey! How are you?

Mikey: Good, good buddy! What about you ?

Volcom: We’re good brother! Just grinding and hussln’, Azar told us you had a little victory on the weekend.

Mikey: Haha! Yeah man, I’m pretty Stoked! Got 1st so happy!

Volcom: So can you tell everyone a little about the comp?

Mikey: It’s the Nike SBA finals, probably the biggest comp in Australia for me at the moment. Top three from every state made it into the finals ! It’s awesome because it was at the funnest skate park ever- Mitcham Rampit.

Volcom: How were you feeling when you arrived?

Mikey: When I first arrived in Melbourne, it was pretty gnarly. I woke up at four in the morning to get to the Airport by five. By the time I got on the plane I had this crazy flu. My head felt like one massive snot-ball. It was really nice stepping off the plane, a bit colder than back home, so much easier to skate.

Volcom: Who’d you roll into town with?

I caught a plane to Melbourne with my aunty and uncle, my best mate Keanu Peina, and his Mum Maureen. Too bad Keanu and I weren’t sitting together, I was at the
front of the plane he was at the back.

Volcom: Tell’s about the comp Mikey, what went down?

Mikey: The comp was really fun, by the time I got there I was dying of nerves. Really well organized everything ran so smoothly and it was an awesome day! They painted the park the night before the competition so it wasn’t as slippery. Before they painted it I was slipping out skating flat!

I arrived on the Wednesday and skated in the afternoon for a couple of hours and got my run. I didn’t skate too hard, because I didn’t wanna hurt myself.

The final was pretty intense, eight of the best kids were battling it out for a place. My friend Dani Campbell who has beaten me a heap of times was my biggest competition. The heat was eight minutes long,  so before it started I got a cup of water and put it in the corner, we’re every one was sitting. Half way through my run I casually skulled my water and off I went hahaha ! If I didn’t do that my throat would of dried up and I would of just collapsed. I think doing that gave me an upper-hand hahaha.

Volcom: What tricks did you do Mikey? 
I did a FS board on the big rail. BS Board and probably my best trick was a kick-flip over the rail. I got that first shot so that was definitely  pretty handy for my score. They were probably the best tricks I did and that was enough to get 1st. Stoked!

Volcom: Awesome Mike! Well done from everyone at Volcom!