May 7th, 2012

Last Saturday, Belconnen skate park became a battle ground for the biggest Wild In the Parks Championship to date. Under perfect blue skies hordes of skaters and spectators surged on the park, keen to see who would take out the top gong for each division. And who would win the plane ticket to Arizona and entry to compete in the international WITP.

The format for this event was a little different to usual WITP events, as the park is so big we decided to split it into two sections. The skaters would then all skate section one, then we would move to section two, where they would have their second heat. After all heats had been run the top four point scorers in each division competed in a final battle to determine the overall winners. For event results and video click here.


These kids were skating so good, it was hard to believe what age group we were watching. The selecting the final four proved to be difficult job for the judges, there were so many kids that were worthy of the finals, but in the end it was Sam Allen, Danni Campbell, Steve Adam and Mikey Mendoza. Any of these guys could have won this event, Adams owned the park and came in forth place. A deft touch with a double kick flip on the big set in the later part of the final, put the crowd in to a frenzy. In third place was Danni Campbell, Danni was insane all day and definetly looked like the kid to beat. He had perfect backside big spins on multiple obstacles, and landed everything pretty much first try. Second place went to the New Zealand junior wild card entrant Sam Allen. Sam worked hard all day, and was so close to the winners jacket, his wardrobe made space in itself. His final heat was amazing to watch. Front blunting down the hubba was one of the favorite tricks of the day. That only leaves first place, which went to Mikey Mendoza. Mikey was skating like a kid possessed. He really turned it up a notch in the finals. He not only won his division, but during the finals he nailed a massive hard flip out of the kicker, over the hubba to flat which saw him win Electrics biggest move of the day and $250.00 cash. Well done to all the 15 & Under skaters, it was amazing to see how far you have all come since the qualifiers.


The girls looked like they were having so much fun! The entire group, all seem like best friends, and they sure have pushed each other. I want to give a big shout out to all the girls who entered and a special mention to little Enya from new Zealand. The youngest girl competitor on the field and also the girl who travelled the furthest, it was great to see her having so much fun.

Third place went to Izzy Muttu. Izzy has been shredding for years, and has a mean switch kicky! Her back smiths on the quarter were awesome too. Kat Williams took second, and killed it all day. She did one of the best kick flips of the day down the seven stair!

1st place went to Esther Godoy. Esther was consistent and versatile in her approach to the comp, utilizing many obstacles throughout the park. Her nollie heels and kickies to fakie on the banks were all style. Well done to all the girls, you’ve stepped it up. A special thanks to Nicky Oakes too, without your passion and help these girls would not all have made it to the event.

16 and Overs

The premier heat, who would win the trip to America to compete in the WITP world title, and have a shot at $20,000. The finals had Luiz Flavio in forth place. Luiz has a smooth style and expansive trick selection that’s executed with grace. 3rd place went to Matt Cheaney, a Canberra local and was also a wild card entrant. Cheaney was absolutely killing it all day. He even skated the final with someone else’s setup, which isn’t easy. Second place went to NZ’s Mike Bancroft, who was a crowd favorite all day, and linked tricks and created lines like no one else. First place was not an easy position to win. Mitch McCarthy was definitely on his game, and did well to take home the trip to the states. In the last minute of the finals he made four gnarly tricks on the big rail all first shot, one after another.

The day was incredible to watch, and the crowd was great. It was nice to see the crowd get behind the skaters. Big shout-out to YHA for helping house all the fine talent, you really made it possible for those who had to travel to be here.

Thank you to all our sponsors.