August 23rd, 2012

This week Shane Cross would have turned 26, and to commemorate his legacy, Part 3 of Andrew Mapstones “Now And Then” series gives us a look at some moments Andrew shared with Shane.

Yesterday was a day we all think of Shane… It was Shane’s birthday, and he would have been 26. Shane died in 2007, many years ago but he lives on inn the hearts of those that were lucky enough to meet him. He was a huge part of my life, some of the best years ever on and off the board. I have gathered a few snaps to re-jolt the minds of his friends and for those not lucky enough to have met him or seen him skate. With the best style ever and a smile on his face, Shane owned the board. Please take a look and never forget – Shane Cross RIP.

When I see this photo I always think of that quote from a Pink Floyd song, “Shine on you Crazy Diamond.” That’s how we feel about Shane – it says it all. For the longest time Jake, Chima and the other guys had those words on their boards. It was like Shane was always there with us when we were out on the sesh, even long after he was gone.

Dork Tricks! Shane was the king of dork tricks, as you can see here. He had combo’s for days on park rails. We have Shane to thank for bringing back the Benihana, which was an illegal trick at the time before Shane and Jake made it cool again. All in good fun, the guys would bust them out at the demos and at first the people would be hating on them. Once Shane had the whole Volcom Oz team doing them, the haters stopped hatting and were hana-ing themselves.

Although Lewis and Shane had their ups and downs, Lewis had a lot to do with Shane finding himself on and off the board. He went from a stiff, tight pant wearing kid chomping rails to loose pants flipping board flowing style we all grew to love. Joe, Lewis, Shane and I spent months away from home in California’s Newport Beach living at the Volcom Surf House on the sand. We had the most amazing time and we really lived life to the fullest.

Always on skate trips, Shane got home sick a lot. He was crazy about his family but he was also crazy about skateboarding and let’s face it, Shane was a natural on the board. To make a life out of skateboarding, he had to leave the Gold Coast but his home and friends were never forgotten. Shane and Jake would rock Aussie pride though out the US and Europe when ever possible.

3 of the best friends ever! Shane, Jake and Joe… Jake being a bit of a bugger back then and sorry to say mate a slightly moody bugger, found himself fighting with the other two like they were true brothers. Jake was the smallest but he still called the shots. Joe was way too nice and wouldn’t speak up. Shane liked to mess with Jake and push his buttons. It was all brotherly love…

Before Shane went through his life’s changes, he was a clean freak. He hated getting dirty and if you ever touched his face he would have a freak out. Shane was so good at skateboarding back then so it was rare for him to have a fall. For Shane to get cut up it was a big deal. Hence the funny face drawn on his only slight graze.

Mark Appleyard was one of Shane’s heroes. In this picture they were team mates for Volcom, It was still a while off before they became team mates on Flip. Did you know Anti Hero hit up Shane and wanted him on Spitfire wheels and Anti Hero boards? How sick is that. He loved Anti Hero and all of his friends were telling him to ride for them, but Geoff Rowley made the call to Shane and there was no way Shane could turn down an offer to ride for Flip along side his heroes Ali, Arto, Geoff and Mark and one of his all time favs Tom Penny.

You’re looking at the new Shane! Long gone is the Legacy kid in those super tight girls jeans. Yes – Shane went from a rail kid jumping off buildings to a free loving hippy in no time. You could say Shane also changed many of those around him and those that looked his way. We all fell in love with the loud shirts and flowing hair and started listening to the likes of Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors and Neil Young to name a few.

Moving onto the music these boys were all about it! They often gave me shit for what I listened too and Joe copped it too. I was into gansta rap, but open to anything they put on. But when it came to playing the Doors over and over again I had to put the foot down, kick Jake or Shane out of shotgun and put DJ Joe in the hot seat. Joe had a more listenable selection than Jake, but if Shane was in Hip Hop mode we were set for those long drives! It would be Notorious BIG all the way…

Yes I know this trick is not a make, but don’t worry he did do it. It’s in the video and in the mags if you want to look it up. I had to run this because this trick was the hardest trick Shane ever went though getting. This was 2 trips to Perth, 5 boards, 2 pairs of shoes and finally a make. It also happens to be one of my favourite tricks I have ever shot with Shane. Not just because of the hell he went through getting it, but wow! When he did it, damn it looks so easy. You can see here the battle Shane holding onto this one for dear life and he asks “does that count”?

Shane and I were many years apart. When Shane first got on Volcom, I was like a dad to him while we were in the US and I think Shane’s folks were happy to have me there. I would often get calls off his Mum because Shane had all these conditions in his head that he had conjured up. Joe and I keep telling him just live and forget about all that shit and you will be fine. He didn’t believe us, so we played along with his issues. Anyhow I would talk with his mum making sure her boy was all good. There were times I had to be the bad guy and keep him in check, but all with the approval of Mr and Mrs Cross. Shane still loved me for it.

Often shooting with Shane you had to be on your toes. He never like doing a trick twice, so it was get the photo first time or not at all. Shane was so good he would land the tricks first try and if he did and I wasn’t happy with the photo, I couldn’t ask him to do it again. Shane had created a superstition that if he tried it again after landing the trick, something would go wrong. I maybe asked once or twice, then after that I never asked again I just made sure it was good to go. First try, everything on it lip slide.

Proud Flip member was Shane Cross. Shane and TX bonded and for that Shane’s skating grew. Ledge tricks, flip tricks and he was constantly crying about his lack of pop, yet he was flipping over hydrants and picnic tables with easy.

Skate Rat Shane! He loved skating since day one… After long, long days in the Californian traffic, as the driver all I wanted to do was get out of the car and get on the couch. As soon as I would settle on the couch it wasn’t long before Shane would start nagging me to go skate the Volcom park. He and Joe would start pushing my buttons, poking me and poking me and when I wouldn’t budge they would offer me a Mexican feast and to that I just couldn’t say no.

Shane Cross ‘RIP’ Miss ya mate!