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DIY + TITANIC Concert At Volcom Store Hossegor
On June 21st we are used to celebrating the music in France through a party called « Fête de La Musique». In addition with a Do It Yourself during which you could customize hats, tee-shirts and pins, we set up a concert of the local band TITANIC at the Volcom Store Hossegor, the oldest Volcom Store in Europe! Under a typical summer day, the crowd was massive to enjoy rock’n’roll, fresh beers offered by the local brand Hapshot, and good mood! Thanks to everybody, with special mentions to Hapchot, TITANIC, and the Volcom Store crew. It was a blast! A massive crowd enjoyed a great event Thanks to Hapchot for the fresh beers Usually Florian is drummer of the well known band Doom Doom Tortuga, but he’s a great guitarist as well with his band TITANIC TITANIC was on fire! Typical summer day! See you Next Year !
A Music festival, A festival of Music!
Want to visit a music festival that is wholeheartedly exactly that; A festival of Music? Well leave the boho festival wear kits and fluro singlets at home folks. Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival is exactly that. So deeply about the music and not about what you wear, its a completely refreshing reminder of the whole point of a music festival. For over a decade now Primavera Sound has been offering consistently successful musical events. This Barcelona music festival has, since its modest beginnings, developed a strong commitment to music so that spectators of different generations can enjoy live music to the full. This is clearly reflected in the quality and innovation of its line-ups that cater to all by way of genre – A list heavy hitting and diverse to say the least; Patti Smith performing her cult classic ‘Horses’ Album and performing spoken word, The Strokes belting out absolute favourites that the whole entire crowd sung every word to, Mac Demarco, The Oh Sees, Hip hop odd ball Tyler the Creator, former right hand man to Nick Cave and once a Bad Seed Blixa Bargeld & his band Einstürzende Neubauten, Ariel Pink and being held in Europe of course a heavy line up of dance/trance/ house/electro including Caribou and Underworld. Volcom Ambassador and Artist Gemma O’Brien & myself (Volcom Head Creative Kimmy Reynolds) are in Barcelona for an Event at the Volcom Barcelona store this week where Gemma will paint a huge mural on the walls, we found ourselves very happy with 2 x VIP wrist bands on our arms for the final closing night of the festival. The highlights for both of us where by far Patti Smith & The Strokes. The whole festival was such an experience, so far from the in comparison quite conservative festivals of home. The festival was open till 5am and there was something very magical about watching the sun rise with a 100,000 deep crowd over the Mediterranean ocean. The main thing we both found totally impressive was the diversity and mellow crowd. No ‘festival’ out fits, hardly a selfie in sight, no muscle men or fluro to be seen. It seems the festival runs a policy on making music number 1 and its punters happily oblige. Also have to say 2 Euro beers were quite a highlight also! No crazy festival prices!!! Highly recommend thinking of Primavera if your planning a big Overseas Festival trip next year! Check it out: @volcomwomens_oz (images courtesy of primavera sound, google images & Kimmy Reynolds)
2015 FunFunFun Fest Line Up Announced; Volcom Returning With The Super Collider
If you happen to be heading to the States this November, you would have to be crazy not to slot the Fun Fun Fun Fest in to your plans. The 10 Year Anniversary lineup has been announced, going down this November 6th, 7th, & 8th at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX! Volcom will be returning again this year and we'll have the Super Collider in tow with us. There's too many great acts to list them all, but a few of the ones we're looking forward to seeing are Wu-Tang Clan, Venom, Drive Like Jehu, Cheap Trick, ANTEMASQUE, Fuzz, Rae Sremmurd and BADBADNOTGOOD. For the full lineup and pre-sale tickets head over to Check out Bill Nye scientifically proving that FFF Fest is the funnest festival on the face of the Earth. Also, check out the re-cap video of Volcom at Fun Fun Fun last year!
Volcom Volcanic Rockout With The GROWLERS
The Volcom Volcanic Rock Out Tour landed back in Hawaii this season! After a couple years off, it was time to bring some good vibes and live music to the island of Oahu. There are all types of walk of lives in Hawaii during the winter months. This year Volcom called up their buddies ‘The Growlers’ and told them to pack their aloha shirts and boardies, they’re going to Hawaii! Life on the road for these guys usually consists of long cross-country drives in a dirty tour bus with no sleep for weeks. I’m sure that can be fun, but a trip to Hawaii with the Volcom crew sounds much better.   The Growlers JOJ (Just Off The Jet) “Beach Goth” is an understatement… The band arrived to Hawaii in polyester pants, Reyn Spooner shirts, pale white skin and frothing for a surf. Not many people go straight from the airport to Makaha. We got the call from Russ Keaulana and the west side boys to come down for some welcoming Waianae hospitality. You can’t pay for the treatment that The Growlers got to experience. Yeah California and Australia have its qualities, but good waves and fresh food in Hawaii is the best. Scott Montoya livin the soft dream. Photo: Tai Vandyke The first show kicked off in Honolulu on a wild Friday night. Volcom rented a warehouse in the middle of China Town and turned things up! The Growlers grew up playing in empty warehouses, so this was a good start for the tour. Tons of fans from all over the island showed up and rocked the place till the end of time. That night ended with smiles and dollar bills at the famous Femme Nu. Warehouse Party The Kaka'Ako Warehouse Andrew Doheny, Delon Ranger, Ford Archbold and some groupies! The next morning was a little slow and rough as the band crawled out of the van at the Volcom House. The Pipe Master was on and the band hung out at the house and watched the comp from the deck. After a few hours the contest was called off for the day so the band went over to Turtle Bay and sipped Mai Tais till their show at the Surfer Bar. This show was a good ol’ fashion blow out. Surfer The Bar was packed shoulder to shoulder and The Growlers rocked the joint till last call. Surfer The Bar. Photo: Sean Reilly Matt Taylor and the only leather jacket in Hawaii!? Photo: Sean Reilly Girls like to Growl too… Photo: Sean Reilly Brooks Nielson swervin… Photo: Sean Reilly The North Shore approved! Photo: Sean Reilly The last show of the tour was held at the Volcom House right after the Pipe Masters final day. If you watched the final or have any idea, I’m sure you can imagine what went down. Thanks to Pacifico, there was plenty of beer for the few hundred people that showed up in the yard. This show was magical and much needed after such an amazing year of surfing. Thanks to Growlers, Clint Moncata and the rest of the Volcom Hawaii family, that was unreal! Until next year when spam turn into steak and when Primos turn into champagne…!   Welcome to Pipeline. Photo: Brian Bielmann The Enforcer, AKA Kai Borg! Photo: Brian Bielmann The yard was packed with Volcom and Growler fans! Photo: Brian Bielmann Tai Vandyke & Russ T. Photo: Brian Bielmann Acid Rain. Photo: Brian Bielmann Yeah a couple people showed up to party!! Photo: Brian Bielmann We filmed and recored an exclusive acoustic set in the Volcom House. Stay tuned for a full edit. Photo: Brian Bielmann   Brooks AKA Mer Man! Photo: Tai Vandyke   Uncle Ronnie havin a look. Photo: Tai Vandyke   Scott Montoya on one last one before heading home to Costa Mesa… Photo: Tai Vandyke
Sunday was the last day of Fun Fun Fun Fest and a great end to the weekend and festival. Check out some photos below The stone in the sky! Photo: Gary Copeland Crowd surfing! Photo: Gary Copeland CJ Collins, ollie to fakie. Photo: Arto Saari Luke McKirdy invert. Photo: Arto Saari Pissed Jeans. Photo: Gary Copeland Pissed Jeans. Photo: Gary Copeland Pissed Jeans. Photo: Gary Copeland Axel Cruysberghs, backside ollie. Photo: Arto Saari Pedro Barros, backside melon grab. Photo: Arto Saari Dum Dum Girls. Photo: Gary Copeland Dum Dum Girls. Photo: Gary Copeland The stone flying high over the crowd David Gonzalez frontside air. Photo: Arto Saari Louie Lopez, back smith Hot Water Music. Photo: Gary Copeland Hot Water Music. Photo: Gary Copeland Hot Water Music. Photo: Gary Copeland Crowd surfing during Gorilla Biscuits. Photo: Gary Copeland Gorilla Biscuits. Photo: Gary Copeland Pedro Barros ollie to fakie. Photo: Arto Saari                                    
Day 2 of Fun Fun Fun Fest was a blast! Check out some photos below Louie Lopez, frontside ollie. Photo: Arto Saari David Gonzalez, frontside rock and roll Cheers to another awesome day at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Photo: Gary Copeland Metz. Photo: Gary Copeland Metz. Photo: Gary Copeland Dennis Busenitz, frontside ollie. Photo: Arto Saari   Courtney Barnett. Photo: Gary Copeland Pedro Barros frontside blunt. Photo: Arto Saari The Black Lips. Photo: Gary Copeland The Black Lips. Photo: Gary Copeland Grant Taylor and Pedro Barros synchronized frontside ollies. Photo: Arto Saari Pedro Barros, frontside ollie. Photo: Arto Saari Omar Hassan tailblock. Photo: Arto Saari King Diamond. Photo: Gary Copeland Nas. Photo: Gary Copeland Nas. Photo: Gary Copeland Nas. Photo: Gary Copeland Nas. Photo: Gary Copeland

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