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Jamie Browne - The Rulingest Ruler

Volcom Artist Jamie Browne is the best human on the planet. Talent in bucket loads and actually just the coolest dude you will ever be lucky enough to meet. Completely humble, full of time for everyone and the kind of sunny disposition and exceptional music taste that all comes together to make him the people's hero. Jamie started working in the Volcom Australia office as a Graphic Artist and soon progressed to the Global Art Team working from Volcom mothership HQ in Costa Mesa, California ~ in the lead up to their creative research trip to Austin Texas together next month; Volcom Oz Head Creative Kimmy Reynolds and Jamie sat down for a chat about all things that combine to make him the rulingest ruler that ever was, creating art for Volcom and where the hell all those puns come from….


KR: Could you tell us the story of your Volcom life? How you started to where you are now in a little nut shell?

JB: After college, I was trying to figure out to get a job that combined my love for skating  and drawing - not even sure if such a job actually existed.  I managed to get a week in the Australian Volcom office helping out with tee art and odd jobs. It was super stimulating, the people were rad and it was something I could see myself doing. It started out as two weeks, then a month and then turned into a full time gig. After a few radical years with Volcom Aus, I set my sights on the USA. Since I was born there, the idea of living and working in the states had always appealed to me. Eventually something opened up in the infamous Volcom art loft and I was on a plane over shortly after!



KR: You work out of the US office just outside of L.A now, could you tell us about that?

JB: It’s Chill dude. I'm down in the Costa Mesa Newport Beach area which has a nice laid back vibe. My house mates are legends, I live close to work and the beach so I just cruise on my bike or shredder to get around. The office is huge but I'm lucky enough to work up in the art loft which has a vibe of its own – there's a massive record collection, guitars, walls to paint on, beers in the fridge and most importantly a cool group of rad, like minded people. Going to work is never a bummer.


KR: Things you love about living in the USA?

JB: Tacos, travelling, cheap drinks, there's always rad bands or art shows, lazy Sundays watching football in bars and did I say cheap drinks?

volcom-jamie_browne_interview_body2 volcom-jamie_browne_interview_body3


KR: Things you miss about OZ? 

JB: I miss Aussie breakfasts, nature, rain, the beaches, playing music with my bros, the vibe – Australia is paradise.


KR:  Music and skateboarding are a big ingredient in your creative perspective, can you tell us about your passion for both?

JB: I’ve been skating most of my life and for a long while it was the be all and end all. I was still drawing but skating just consumed me and I was constantly spitting out skate inspired art. Once I discovered Jim Phillips I was lost forever. I knew I was never gonna be some pro skater but art is a way for me to contribute to the skate world I love so dearly. Skateboarding is a consistently present force in my life, I never wanna stop – it feels too damn good. Music is super important to me too, from the days of wild abandon rocking out to Maiden and Mercyfull Fate to discovering new sounds and a diversity of bands along the way, playing music with buds - It's an addictive journey where you never know what will pull you in next. I feel like skating is my outside world, music my inner and drawing is the bridge between them. Sorry, that was so cheesy haha.



KR: Top 5 songs your killing right now?

JB: Zig Zag Wanderer by Captain Beefheart

The Garden of Earthly Delights by The United States of America

Move On Sweet Flower by July

Birds In Perspex (acoustic) by Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians

Pale Shades of Grey by Ant Trip Ceremony

Hanging out for the new King Gizzy album too!


KR: Fave places to skate?

JB: Cammeray, Manly bowl, The Volcom HQ park, a friends mini ramp with beers or just when you're skating from A to B with a few mates hamming it up – so good.


KR: Where do all the puns come from? This is now synonymous with the JB do you keep them coming? (maybe you could talk a bit about starting on post its and coasters? Developing your style)..

JB: I don’t know man, I just have to mentally be in the right place at the right time, I make a connection with a random phrase and image in my mind then I scribble em' down on a scrap of paper or coaster. They usually stem from my experiences and dumb conversations I'm having or overhearing. A few sneaky beers never hurt the process either ;) One thing I try not to do is force them, if I'm having a dry spell or block I just try to acknowledge that and chill, knowing that more ideas will present themselves when the timing's right – its cosmic stuff man ha. At the moment I'm creating less wordplay doodles and drawing more esoteric things that communicate their message without words but still inhabit this same tropical realm of swaying palms, hot sand, booze and cool dead dudes.

volcom-jamie_browne_interview_body5 volcom-jamie_browne_interview_body6


KR: So for a night settled in a the literal ‘drawing board’ or a day on the board whats your general picks to go from drawing to rolling?

JB: comfort is key for sure, I’m always a jeans or chinos kinda guy and you can’t go past a flanno. Volcom denim is the best there is and I’ve been rocking the ‘Oregon’ Flanno pretty solidly.


KR: Alrighty Jamie Browne you soggy clown, thanks for the chat and catch you in a few week in Austin Texas!

JB: Cheers Chimmy catch ya there Dude!


Check back for a run down on the creative research trip to Austin, Texas – touted as the new creative hub of the USA Jamie Browne & Kimmy Reynolds will embark on next month. We look forward to seeing what they find in the buzzing art centric home of physcadellic rock!




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THE MOST FRUSTRATING AND REWARDING DRONE PROJECT EVER WORDS BY LUGO   I’ve travelled with Tom Carey shooting surfing for over 20 years. Back in the day, Tom was a pioneer with remote flash photography.  I used to love filming at dusk, trying to capture the pop of his flash and see what my crappy video framegrabs would look like. I even bought the biggest handheld construction lights I could find and made friends stand on the beach lighting up surfers after dark. Then came the day a drone strong enough to hold a flash was finally in my hands. The idea was what if you could shoot surfing (or anything really) where the light source is coming from somewhere that it shouldn’t be or couldn’t be. The crew trouble shooting like usual. Balaram Stack getting an evening pop! Every single time we tried this we had huge failures, learned a little and always got at least one photo that had us frothing for more!  The list of troubles was always high: flashes that never worked (especially at the worst times), soft focus photos, flying blind, broken propellers mid-flight, sets of waves that show up when you’re flying at 6% over the ocean. We went from trying to fabricate something legit to using sponges and gaff tape, which worked surprisingly well. Tai Van Dyke was wondering where the Volcom Pipe House sponges kept disappearing to. We finally settled on using Lume Cubes to help Tom’s camera focus and a setup that didn’t require having a long dangling swinging flash remote hanging from the drone.  We definitely got away with some close calls and some sketchy setups. We tried to be as secretive as we could with the process and photos in the beginning, but once realized how hard this whole concept was I welcomed the idea of other people trying to do the same thing.  It’s a bit of a nightmare with very costly consequences but we think the photos were worth it and we hope you agree.   Lugo Lugo and Tom Carey FOLLOW LUGO AND TOM CAREY ON INSTAGRAM FOR MORE.
OVER THE COURSE OF THREE TRIPS AND WELL OVER 3,000 MILES the Volcom Road Rager went across the entire coast of Florida, from Vancouver down to Boise, ID and Montreal to Chicago, IL. With a star-studded cast of shredders including Axel Cruysberghs, Grant Taylor, Collin Provost, Jackson Pilz, Arto Saari, Omar Hassan, Milton Martinez, CJ Collins, Simon Bannerot, Chris Pfanner, Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez and Henry Gartland, there was plenty of footage logged! Watch the video above and check the photos below, don't forget to check the article from the January 2019 issue of Thrasher Magazine as well! WHO’S LARRY? AND WHO’S THE KID? After a long day of skating Omar Hassan turns into his alter ego, Larry who is somehow even more fun to be around then Omar. The kid is CJ Collins, because well, he’s literally a kid. They’ve known each other since Omar first met CJ back at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CJ’s memory is foggy, but we’ve narrowed it down to sometime around when he was 8 years old. Since then they’ve been on multiple trips together and has created a very unique relationship. Imagine when you were 14 years old, you had so much energy and it all needed to go into something. For CJ, it goes into torturing Omar, especially on those long drives in the bus. Everything you could imagine from wet willies to a soccer ball to the head, CJ doesn’t hold back! Omar, or Larry, doesn’t let it go either, he’s gotten back at CJ just as bad. A friendly headlock would put CJ back in line anytime! Shop Volcom Brand Jeans Shop Skateboarding Collection
SKATEBOARDING. SNOW. NEW ZEALAND. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY? All combined made a recipe for an epic trip. Somewhere deep inside the walls of the Volcom HQ the idea was born to think of a place where Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Surfing can all come together. With that in mind, we set off for two weeks to head to Auckland, NZ to hit the streets and meet up with our fellow board brethren for a little pow pow action. Featuring Axel Cruysberghs, CJ Collins, Jackson Pilz, Jesse “Red” Noonan, and Arto Saari. CJ Collins setting up a board for the trip We got in around 7 in the morning after a long 13 hour flight and as soon as we walked through the doors our Ozzie mates were up and at em ready to explore. Skateboarders up at 7am ready to go? A very strange phenomena but luckily the time change played in our favor and we were out and about bright and early every morning. Downtown Auckland was loaded with spots. The boys were all amped from their flat whites and long blacks (NZ for “coffee”) and were on an all-out rampage through the bustling metropolis. Axel managed to swing a nice little wallie 180 while dodging cars and some, let’s just say, interesting people. Quickly after, Red got gnarly and barged through with a fs wallride yank out. The session was immediately followed with the obligatory meat pie stop. After hitting a few spots we arrived at an undisclosed backyard pool. We were super lucky to skate it according to a couple of the local bros. You know who you are and thanks for letting us come! The session started heating up after a few cold beverages and next thing you know the jacuzzi cover was getting taken out. Our OZ legend, Red, was brave enough to step to the jacuzzi grind. “I’m more of an Evil Kinevil kind of skater”, although the steezy crail among other tricks begged to differ. First to take a dip: the board. Then a shoe. Then Red. Soaking wet he pulled it off with a nose yank-in to boot. Little CJ took advantage of the photo op and blasted a couple FSO’s. He got a little brave with a front feeble poked out and came inches away from Red’s face while he was enjoying a soak and a beverage (not pictured). Huge props to our Kiwi friends and their hospitality. After stacking clips for almost week it was time to meet our bros in the mountain town of Wanaka. It’s very rare that all three teams come together as one. We had everyone from an Olympian: Torgeir Bergrem, a Skate Legend: Arto Saari, and Life Legend: Red. Jackson touched snow for the first time at 27 years old and even took a few laps. Ozzy Wright was handling some smooth layback carves and Axel was ripping the half pipe like he was there with the snow team – kid is good at everything. All in and all one for the books. Our nice little mid-summer / Kiwi winter getaway was a nice break from the Southern California heat. SHOP Volcom Skateboarding Collection SHOP Volcom Snow Outerwear
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CABOOSTA GONDOLA… A short, documented, derailed track through the Alps following Volcom family Arthur Longo, Mike Ravelson and Olivier Gittler as they slide through the cities and mountain ranges of Switzerland and Austria, letting the railroad dictate the roadmap. Filmed on and offboard Zurich, Innsbruck, St. Anton am Arlberg, Ischgl, Kaunertel & Kitzsteinhorn. Documented, chopped up and served by Seth Huot. Would you travel across the Atlantic to jump on the train with your buds and enjoy this view? Rhetorical… Ok, ok, we get it! Arthur likes to be high! Arthur and Rav with the 6-wheel stroll prior to boarding the train It takes 2 people to capture 1 shot. Rav with a European plant as documented by the one and only, Seth Huot. It wasn’t all snowboarding on this trip. As you can see, Arthur decided to pass on flying the drone and took to the sky himself. Mike Ravelson throwing down some tricks in the bowl