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Arto Saari

Arto Saari

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A Photographer’s photographer and Skateboarder’s Skater, Arto Saari does things; and does them well.

The Finnish double talent – (Photographer and Professional Skateboarder) has joined the fold at Volcom as an Ambassador/Photographer. Arto will be touring with the Volcom Skate Team to capture moments on and off the board.



Remember when we posted about our mates Tegan Phillipa and Nathan Landers on their Euro Summer-long vacay?  First, we sent them on a mission to Party Czech style with 200Euros on the Volcom tab to see how far they could stretch it. The latest update was from Mykonos - Where it looks like Tegan’s having a terrible time... At least her outfits are on point! Here's another drool-worthy gallery of the shots making us most jealous of their adventure; wearing their travel essential Volcom pieces. TEGAN WEARS THE VOLCOM BACK N THE DAISY SKIRT AND  BACK N THE DAISY TOP TEGAN WEARS THE VOLCOM BORABORADO DRESS Shop Tegans Look » HERE 
What’s the best way to spend your time in a southern hemisphere winter? On a beach in Europe (unless you're snowboarding of course…) The travel pro duo Tegan Phillipa   and Nathan Landers are on the trip of the century in Europe for the whole Summer.. we’ve put together a gallery of the shots making us most jealous of their adventure; wearing their travel essential Volcom pieces » Check it out. Jelly! Shop Tegans Look » HERE Shop Neds Look » HERE 
Noa, Ozzy & Hockey Dad ~ Lansdowne Gig
The Landsdowne Hotel came back from the dead with a vengeance in April last year. As Sydney bobbed around in a sea of stupid late night rules and live music restrictions the Landsdowne team sailed in like a shiny ship of dreams. Every time you walk into the Landsdowne; in the absolute best way on earth it feels like you’re time warping into the late 70’/80’s era of real Aussie pub rock. If you’re heading in for a gig, especially like a night like we walked into you’re in for a bloody good one. Having Noa Deane, Ozzy Wrong and Zach & Billy from Hockey Dad all in the one city on the same night is pretty rare. We doubled down on the chance at a few beers and a “Lanny” gig with them quick sticks. From Left: Noa Deane, Ozzy Wrong at the Landsdowne Hotel From Left: and Zach & Billy From Hockey Dad Band Amyl & the Sniffers are one of the wildest bands you’ll see live at the moment...  “Amyl”, comes from frontwoman Amy Louise’s name…and the three remaining blokes/band members — Dec Martens on guitar, Bryce Wilson on drums and Gus Romer on bass — are “the Sniffers”. Their shows are loud, fast and have a perfect 70’s sheened cocky arrogance. They mega are fun. Amy waltzed out with a menacing grin met the audience with a “whats up C*NTS?” and from that point on had the crowd like jelly right to the end. Highly recommend getting sniffered any time you get the chance. WHITEDOG; a Sydney strong punk band that definitely aren’t mucking around were the support but in no way the crutch. This set blew our hair back big time. They released an album ‘Sydney Limits’ recently and it has a few things to say about the current state of the lockout laws and Sydney’s character decline. Get it in ya head through your ears! The Landsowne crew were legends and let us have a few jugs on the roof as the sun went down before we annihilated some dinner and headed in for the gig. Music photographer James Adams hung out for a while and got a few shots of the night; not totally sure what happened from pretty much the time Amyl & the Sniffers went on but who really cares was blurry, loud and as hot as hell in a heatwave. That about sums it up. TO-DO LIST: Get to the Lansdowne. See the Sniffers and listen to WHITEDOG.   NOA WEARS OZZY WEARS ZACH WEARS  BILLY WEARS
When you imagine the Euro Club scene; specifically the Czech Club scene you think of leather loafer wearing men with unbuttoned silk shirts, hectic gold chains and matching gold teeth letting young lycra dress wearing, hair teased beauties totter in the entrance fee-free while the lad's cue impatiently on the cobbled streets.. Only cheap paint stripping vodka at the bar and some serious smoke machine action pumping dreams onto the dance floor till morning. Could be right..or maybe it’s a big snap tracksuit affair with heavy electro music delivering a thumping monotonous beat for 16 hours straight while black irises fill eyeball sockets well into the daylight? Either way, if you're on a Euro adventure you left home in search of different experiences right? How do they party down in the Czech Republic? Well, its sure as hell different to your local RSL and while it may not be your usual jam it’s an experience you must embrace. It may just be the night that becomes the story you tell, tell and re-tell for the rest of your life at pre mentioned RSL over a schooner with Davo so you’d better make it a wild one. Davo loves a party tale. 200 Euros is a lot of money. It's 5127.71 Czech Koruna which in Aus dollars equates to $315.20 to be exact. We sent friends of Volcom and bonafide travel pro’s Tegan Phillipa & Nathan Landers on a mission to party Czech style with 200Euros on the Volcom tab to see how far they could stretch it. Tegan en route to Clubbing district wears Frochickie Jacket & Skirt. Nathan heading to the Club zone wears Noa Noise Tee & Noa Noise Chino I don’t know about you but $315.20 for a night out at the bar sounds deep pocket decent. Show me the top shelf barman! Buuuut anyone that’s had a spin around in the Euro Summer party scene will know, you’re really not that ballin’ for a night out with 200 Euro in your skyrocket… and if there’s two of you; you better make some spend thrifty decisions pretty early in the piece. Here’s what Tegan and Nathan wisely decided… 1. Sign up for a ‘Club Crawl’. 20 Euro each will get you club entry to 4-night spots and a free shot at each Club. Wahoo. This saves you paying separate entry to each club. The crew’s that organise these club crawls guarantee a busload of drinkers showing up so the clubs waive the entry. Will you be with a rowdy bunch of backpacker cheapskates? Yes. Is it bad? Well; not as bad as paying 20 Euro to get into each club that you wouldn’t ever want to pay to get into. 2. Claim that free shit. No Club hype man is coming to find you for those free shots you were promised. Walk up to the bar and flash that wristband, you gotta own that travel group touro chic. Just like the Mullet revival, the worse you are the better. 3. Figure out the dealz. Most of these mega clubs have websites that vary in levels of cheesy interwebbestry. They all pretty much give you the drinks price list so you can go in with a confident order. Make it like you just really like bottom shelf vodka. It's you’re thing! No one wants to hear a “whats the cheapest drink” in the billion-person deep bar line, in saying that no one wants to spend 20 Euro on one bev. Our fave is the full litre Bottle of Vodka and 6 energy drinks for 140 Aud. Get dat rave juice. HERE'S THE HITLIST: CLUB 1: Chapeau Rouge, founded in 1919 and established as a dazzling star in the massive sky of Prague nightclubs is located in an Art Nouveau house in the city centre, with a lavishly styled interior, it now serves as an attraction to a crowd of mass proportions. Everyday DJs, live concerts and performances on 3 floors with 4 bars and 3 stages. Tegan & Nathan got 4 free shots EACH here and spent around 30Euro at the bar. Good result! CLUB 2: Atelier Club is one of the only afterparty clubs in Prague. Open every single day till late morning with a long list of DJs. Atelier Club makes sure that Prague’s nightlife never sleeps. The parties get a little wild and do not be surprised if you see people entering at 9 am to join in. They promise: “We look forward to seeing you visit us and guarantee that an amazing party time will be waiting for you”. Tegan & Nathan got their promised 1 free shot each at Atelier Club then spent again around 30 EURO at the bar. CLUB 3: Karlovy Lazne is the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe. Thanks to its five music clubs on five separate floors, it is also one of the best technically equipped club’s in the world. The themed floors are one-of-a-kind for their original character, which is further enhanced by the historical interior and architecture of the building built at the turn of the 15th century, which have been preserved. The original mosaic tiling of the hallways and walls, mosaic pictures in the main rooms and partially preserved old spa facilities and pools in the style of Roman baths, which now serve as dance floors (without water of course) on two floors of the club. Together with modern facilities and music to suit all tastes certainly creates an entirely unique atmosphere, which has made Karlovy Lazne one of the most visited dance clubs in the Czech Republic. Tegan & Nathan got their promised 1 free shot then spent around 70 EURO and a bit longer here than the other Clubs. 5 FLOORS! Mental! Club 4: BATALION CAFE & MUSIC BAR For more than 100 years of its existence, The Comics Bar & Club BATALION has gone through many changes. During 2009 and 2010 the Bar and Club went through a complete renovation. The Bar and The Club vibe is based on Art by the most famous Czech comics artist Mr Kája Saudek. Tegan & Nathan got their promised 1 free shot each at then spent again around 60 EURO at the bar. Tegan & Nathan ended the night with a Turkish takeaway & spent around $15 Euro. This is a pretty global experience it seems. The old dirty walk home kebab. Class! So it seems you get a pretty solid Czech Club experience if you play it wise with your Koruna. Enjoy the adventure, embrace your inner club kid and create that once in a lifetime story for Davo. He loves it! Follow the whole night on @VOLCOM_OZNZ Instagram Stories highlights and see the live action from the Czech Clubbing adventure.
Filmed/Edited by Kevin Parrott | Song ‘Running Out’ Hockey Dad   Check out our vid of Volcom Ambassadors Hockey Dad play their sold-out show at The Lexington in old London town last week and go behind the scenes to their pre-show beer and sound check in the photo gallery. The London show wrapped up their European tour and so now Drummer, Billy and Singer, Zach are on their way to the U.S.A for their American tour. If you get the chance, definitely get to a gig, their shows go off! Billy wears Stencil Beanie, Edge Tee & Solid Long Sleeve Tee. Zach wears Solid Short Sleeve Tee, 2x4 Tapered Jeans & Caden Shirt Check out all the Volcom gear Hockey dad wore on their tour here »   More Hockey Dad: @hockeydadband  
A naturally awesome partnership. Volcom love Hockey Dad. To say they thrashed Hockey Dad’s latest album release “Blend Inn” at Volcom HQ would be a monumental understatement. Played daily, and maybe for a while there hourly on the daily; you could pretty much give any Volcom staffer a Hockey Dad lyrical pop quiz and get a full chorus back in tune, on time and with a smile. The pre-mentioned penchant for the hourly HD listen over at Volcom HQ is exactly how this great partnership got all fired up. On a toe tapping session of Hockey Dad listening the Volcom crew got talking about how rad it would be to flow the HD dudes some gear, “we owe ‘em that much”...And so, into their DM’s Volcom did slide. An instant bonding over a favorite comment of “Shitchyeah” (all one word or it isn’t anywhere near as good) and a few very comical DM exchanges got a huge selection of Volcom Tee Shirts & Denim sent Hockey Dad’s way.  The duo was stoked with their pack and couldn’t believe the haul “you guys are nutcases! Ya sent down half the fkn shop! Thnx so much for the gear. It’s the best we’ve looked in years.” Guitarist Zach Stephenson and Drummer Billy Fleming, the two best mates that make up the incredibly likeable, relatable and infectiously awesome sound that is Hockey Dad wore the Volcom gear on their Album launch and then on their sold out national tour. Volcom loved seeing HD shred up stages in the clothes that looked so right it was as if they were designed just for them. Volcom & Hockey Dad went next level; beers were had, meals shared, gigs attended and now here we all are with an extremely happy announcement of a naturally awesome partnership. The decision to join Volcom wasn’t a hard one for Hockey Dad with the likes of life long idol; Surfer Ozzie Wright and fellow Musician and Surfer Noa Deane on the team, then there’s the Volcom history rich in ties with bands they love like Grinspoon and Pennywise. Hockey Dad knew they were at home with Volcom. Hockey Dad Play At The Metro, Sydney. Growing up on Australia’s East Coast in a little town called Windang NSW; Zach & Billy “Best mates first, band mates second” grew up playing music and surfing together. The title of Hockey Dad’s debut, “Boronia,” comes from the street where they once lived and began playing music together. The boys have played music together, dreamed together and made a reality of their passion together. They are the definition of Volcom brand ethos: True To This. “True To This” defines the irrational pursuit of following your passion. The relentless ambition to do what makes you feel most alive. Volcom proudly supports innovators and creative spirits and are deeply committed to self-expression. Hockey Dad as Volcom Brand Ambassadors sees them continuing to wear Volcom clothing on tours, joining in photoshoots, events, parties, surfing with the team and becoming part of the Volcom family; a partnership worthy of a collective “SHITCHYEAH”. Check out the Volcom gear Hockey dad wore on tour here » More Hockey Dad: @hockeydadband