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Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler

From: Templeton, California, USA

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Birth Date - 7/30/1983

Birth Place - Wild West Templeton, CA

Currently Living - Forests of Templeton, CA

Height -5'10"

Weight -155 lbs.

Sponsors - Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Globe Shoes, Channel Islands, Spy, Monster, Famous Wax, CCS

Volcom rider since -1999

First board -5'10" Channel islands with a broken nose so I jigsawed it round and made it a 5'0", while simultaneously attempting my first repair experience with fiberglass and resin. I pearled up to my neck every wave from there out.

Warm Ups - Early morning mountain bike riding with some good tunes.

What gets you motivated to surf? - Good style, proper music, dreamy skatepark set ups, beachy break tubes

Side Tracks - Nothing too riveting; small art projects, photos and video, solar energy and hippy living

Music/Bands - The XX, Fever Ray

Videos/Movies - 156 tricks

Best style - Ozzie with Machado flair

Random Information - I have both the world's largest and smallest breed of dog. I have a pack of animals

Favorite Volcom Jeans - Rowley

Favorite Boardshorts - Mano Mod

One thing you can't leave home without - Passport

Special Thanks - My girl Joders, my family, my family at Volcom


Behind The Scenes On The Exit The Earthly Film Shoot With The Volcom Team
Exit The Earthly, the ridiculous and psychedelic surf-action-comedy-adventure short film, stars Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, Coco Ho, Mitch Coleborn, Maud Le Car, Dusty Payne, Yago Dora, Quincy Davis and Noa Deane as themselves, with supporting rolls played by Will Oldham and Austin Amelio.
Republic Of Maldives – Welcome To Water (Ep.4)
Maldives. Located in South Asia. Home to prized surf breaks such as Chickens, Lohi's, and Pasta Point, became an increasingly sought-after surf destination for salty shredders around the globe beginning in the mid-to-late 90s. Like many surf spots back in the day which surrounded this area, their only occupants were marine life and local tribes who couldn't give a sh*t about perfect 6-8ft empty tubes in 70-80 degree water temperatures. And Lucky for Mitch Coleborn, Yago Dora, and Nate Tyler, you can still score some of these spots relatively uncrowded if you time it right!  Yago Dora That's where this video comes in to play. Mitch, Yago, and Nate, who are distinctly three different humans (besides their shared attribute of being goofy-footers), recently traveled to Maldives together in hopes of scoring some solid vacant waves, while Tom Carey and Nate Leal tagged along to document their adventure. As you can see from the video, they scored tons of relentless lefts. Yes, lefts. There wasn't a single right ridden, so if you are looking to see these guys rip on their backhand in this video, that's just not gonna happen.  Mitch Coleborn The boys returned with a ton of excellent footage, good stories, and even better luck of not striking out due to strong winds and storms that typically circulate the area July through September. And speaking of footage, a quick anecdote... We had thought the video was completed, and as we were just about to send it out to the world, we got a call from RT (director of Psychic Migrations) which opened with, "Did you send it out already?!" Not even a hello! JK, RT, we love you. Turns out that Nate Tyler had watched the video and noticed his best clip wasn't in there, and RT wanted to respect that. So, he sent us a new file immediately and everyone was happy. That's how it should be, right?  *Note: This isn't Nate Tyler's best clip :)   Check out Surfline's exclusive photo feature from the trip below!   Welcome To Water - Video Series Episode 1 - "Big Waves and Heavy Barrels in Hawaii" Episode 2 - "Proving Maui" Episode 3 - "Sumbawa, Indonesia"
Costa Rica's Gold - Surf Team Goes South!
Brand-new styles and colour-ways available now: Shop Boardshorts So we took a trip to Costa Rica to shoot our all-new Fall boardshorts & swimwear collections, and instead of ending the story right now with "and the rest is history," we'd like to give you a little insight into our majestic journey to the rugged Central American country. Enter Balaram Stack, Coco Ho, Nate Tyler, Maud Le Car, Ryan Burch, Quincy Davis, and Andrew "Droid" Doheny. Picture a desolate rainforest and narrow unstructured dirt roads echoed by a variety of bird chips and animal calls only to be triumphed by thoughts racing through your head of "where's the beach and how fast can we get there." 3,400+ miles from the nearest home in California, obvious transplants (no help from Balaram & Droid's bleached hair), and a crew full of expensive surfboards and camera equipment is your scene. photos by Tom Carey Quickly finding the way to our newly-found two-week home w/ an epic pool inside a quaint little village, we linked up with local legend Tony Roberts who is a mastermind that paved the way for the community down here by designing skateparks and running various surf tours. After ripping through some fun spots inside the village, and getting weird in the neighboring jungle, we hopped on a friend's boat and made our voyage to the famous Witch's Rock. For any surfer, Witch's is a bucket list mission and our journey there was one for the books! Witch's Rock Our goal was to shoot the team in our new boardshorts and swimwear collections, get some rad action shots, explore the land, and simply have a good time on this journey through a quest for spiritual intoxication. And we got that. But we got more, a lot more. Take a ride with us through a captivating feel-good photo book from our Costa Rican adventure: Droid: pro surfer, pro model. Droid sportin' our Macaw Mod boardshorts Maud, Coco & Quincy Coco Ryan Burch w/ one of his hand-shaped mystical twin fins Buddies Oh hey, Quincy Droid underwater ninja Once Balaram goes underwater, weird things happen (keep scrolling for more eerie photos of Balaram underwater) Frequency Slinger boardshorts Nate Tyler: Stripey Slinger boardshorts photo by Brian BielmannRyan Burch (left): Frequency Slinger boardshortsNate Tyler (right): 3 Quarta Slinger boardshorts ...and here begins the pool shenanigans w/ Burch, Balaram and Droid Balaram likes his peace and quiet Droid wanted to hang w/ Balaram so he came down to sing him a song. "Hello darkness my old friend..."   Ryan Burch (left): Lefty Neo wetsuit jacket + Macaw Mod boardshortsAndrew Doheny (right): Frequency Slinger boardshorts
A Candid Photo Journal: Welcome To Water Hawaii Campaign Shoot
Get a behind-the-scenes look into the USA's 2016 Season 1 campaign shoot for Volcom's Welcome To Water campaign! Earlier this year the marketing team took off from the Costa Mesa, CA headquarters over to the heavenly Hawaiian Islands to scout some locations for our then-upcoming shoot for our new boardshorts and swimwear. Little did we know (or did we?) they would come back with some amazing results and tons of footage to include for a game-changing video directed by Volcom's Creative Director, Mike Aho. Check out the video here & take a look at a candid photo journal from the trip from Richie Olivares, one of our esteemed marketing gurus. PHOTOS: Richie Olivares, @rich_landos CAMERA: Olympus XA Nate Tyler Carlos Muñoz Tai Vandyke Carlos Muñoz Mitch Coleborn Carlos Munoz, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler Mitch Coleborn Quincy Davis Carlos Muñoz
Psychic Migrations Now Available On ITunes
Over a year and a half in the making and featuring a cast of surfing’s most capable and compelling characters, Psychic Migrations is directed by veteran surf filmmaker Ryan Thomas and shot on location in the West Indies, East Indies, Australia, Polynesia and the Americas. Get it now on iTunes!
Psychic Migrations: West Indies
Volcom Stone's latest feature surf film, Psychic Migrations, is set to release in September 2015 and we are unveiling some of the remote locations where the movie was filmed. A few months back, Nate Tyler and Yago Dora set out on a trip to the West Indies to film for Psychic Migrations, and what we got back from the trip was an epic collection of airs, mystical adventures, and weird moments. The pairing of Nate and Yago was the perfect duo. They kept feeding off the air game of one another and went blow-for-blow, trying to one-up the other on the next wave. This trip was different than previous Volcom movie trips where you'd have interviews with the director, Q&As, routine movie requests, etc. It was all surfing and exploring the land, which they did a lot of. Getting lost on the way to the beach, but feeling perfectly fine with taking a new route seemed to be a common theme on this trip. "Something that's been repetitive over the last few movies: BS!, Creepy Fingers, The Bruce Movie — was the interviews. There won't be any interviews in this one. It's going to be more of a cinematic odyssey," says Director Ryan Thomas. Nate, lift off in the West Indies. Photo: Tom Carey Nate & Yago, same place, different priorities. Photo: Tom Carey Yago was doing this all day. Photo: Tom Carey Nate, reflecting on his last session. Photo: Tom Carey Nate's go-to grab never disappoints the camera. Photo: Tom Carey Post-surf shenanigans. Photo: Tom Carey Yago in an attempt to one-up Nate with this grab. Photo: Tom Carey Photo: Tom Carey