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Shane Azar

Shane Azar

From: Curl Curl, New South Wales

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Name: Shane Azar

Place of Origin: Curl Curl, NSW

Current Residence: Australia


Volcom X Hotel Steyne Riders Week - Day 1 & 2 Photo Gallery
Monday saw the beginning of the Volcom X Hotel Steyne Riders week. The fun kicked off with the legendary Ozzie Wright showing off his skills on the spray cans. He was posted up above the courtyard spray painting a live mural on a row boat for the keen crowd to enjoy. The pool room was emptied for the crazy talented Gemma O'Brien to work her magic, painting a huge mural that wrapped the walls of the room. The skate ramp is set up and a couple of our team riders Dane Burman, Jackson Pilz & Shane Azar showed their skills for the crowd to enjoy. Nightly Quick Trivia hosted by MC Azar saw some lucky guests walk home with free gear to keep the stoke levels high. Tuesday saw all the Volcom team back down their to watch Gemma O'Brien put the finishing touches on her amazing Mural in the Pool Room. Meanwhile in the courtyard Anthony Lister busted out the spray cans to paint a live mural for the onlookers to enjoy. We saw lots of little legends showing their talents on the mini ramp, team rider and legend Dane Burman even jumped on the ramp to roll with them and no doubt make their day. The team will be back down there again tonight for a big night of events! Check out the schedule here!
Article from - The Skateboard Journal JACK TARLINTON GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND IN THE NAME OF INSANITY According to Jack, his entire inspiration for building this goddamn monstrosity stemmed from having dinner with Shane one night. During the meal he couldn’t help but notice “He just had this crazy hair going at the time, there was no other way to describe it than Muppet-like”. These were back in the ‘glory days’ too, when Jack would spend up to four solid weeks on any given portrait project. To say he’d take a concept and run with it would be about as much of an understatement as ‘Sleep wasn’t really a priority for him in those days.’ Before issue#1 had even been sent to the printers, Jack already had plans for issue #13, The Horror issue. It may have been years away, but his whole vibe was that the entire issue would be “Really brutal!”. Many a concept was discussed over many a Coopers at the Shakespeare Hotel, the Journal’s first official ‘office’ [Which also went on to feature on the cover of issue#30] Cut to 2009, and with issue#13 a few months away from completion, ‘AZAR AND FIENDS FRIENDS’ was one of the first projects he set about sinking his teeth in to. “I made all the puppets life-size using high density foam, bought the eyes off eBay and the rest was wool and fabric… We shot the final portrait in Pete Daly’s studio which was situated in Bondi at the time. This was the same night we shot Ryan Wilson’s ‘American Psycho’ portrait…”. But that’s a story for another day. Like many of Jack’s projects, the ridiculous hours he put into this build went largely undocumented, apart from these few shots dug up from an old hard drive years later (taken on a phone that may have been on the first moon mission, so apologies for the lack of pixels). It was always his style to slave away in secret, then unexpectedly do an unveil a few days out from deadline. Which Pete Daly, who has shot most of Jack’s creations for not much more than a beer or two ‘loved’… (sorry Pete) Epic battle, epic trifecta: trick, photo, footage. As for the window? Apparently it buffed out. [*Note the customised movie posters in the background.] PHOTO: ANDREW PETERS | VIDEO: SU YOUNG CHOI The entire issue was full of little hidden gems and nods to all things horror. As for ‘AZAR AND FIENDS‘ FRIENDS, the interview itself was gnarly. One of several Shane has shot for us over the years. Not unlike Jack, he also goes above and beyond when duty calls. Other than that, Jack doesn’t really have too much more to say about it. He lets his handy work do the talking and saves his voice for more important things in life like footy and drag cars. “From a glance over the dinner table… next thing we end up with some funny arse looking zombies, and an even funnier arse looking Azar!” A slightly less muppet-haired Shane Azar: 2016 | PHOTO: Andrew Mapstone
Enjoy a raw, behind-the-scenes edit from Volcom's Oz Vacation, featuring Dustin Dollin, Dane Burman, Arto Saari, Daan Van Der Linden, Jackson Pilz, Axel Cruysberghs, Louie Lopez, Reece Warren, Nik Stipanovic, Ant Travis and more ripping Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Video filmed & edited by Shane Azar See what went down inside Slam issue 206. Out now!
Check out this new video part from Volcom Australia's Shane Azar absolutely shredding the streets of Oz for the release of Issue 9 of Fuknoath Magazine. Azar has been a part of the Volcom family for close to two decades and is a well known and highly respected figure in the Australian skate community. Somehow managing to drop video parts of this caliber whilst juggling between his work (Team and Events Manager here at Volcom) and being a family man. Azar is still going hard and is showing no signs of slowing down. A legend by anyones standard!
Volcom Sydney Sessions
Once the WITP Champs ended the Skate team went on a 10 day mission in Sydney. From Manly to Cronulla, Maroubra and Banksktown, there wasn't a stone unturned. Check out this quick clip from their warm up sessions at local Sydney skate parks. Featuring Reece Warren, Nick Stipanovic, Shane Azar, Andrew Mapstone and a guest appearance from Beau Reid.