What is your return policy?

We will follow our current return policy which is located HERE. In addition, wetsuits must not be worn in the water for them to be eligible for return. 

Do you offer a warranty on your product?

Yes! Please refer to our warranty information on the tab below.

What countries do you ship to?

As of now, we are only shipping our wetsuits within Australia.

How do I know what size to select?

Please use the fit guide chart in the section above. If you are on the border our suggestion is to size up.

What is the difference between the wetsuits?

All of the wetsuits are constructed the same. The differences are in the thickness of neoprene, inclusion of a hood on select styles, and the price.

How do you take care of your Wetsuit?

To properly care for your Wetsuit and to prevent any void of warranty, we recommend that the Wetsuits never be put in a washer or a dryer and should never be left in direct sunlight to dry. Wetsuits should always be rinsed with fresh water and hung to dry not in direct sunlight. When hanging to dry, avoid hanging by shoulders as we recommend it to be folded over a bar or hanger at the waistline. Light soap or detergent is okay to use when washing.