How long until my order ships?

Once your order has been created, please expect a 1-2 business day processing time frame before your orders have been officially invoiced and shipped out.  Once a tracking # has been created and scanned in, an email confirmation will be sent to your account on file providing a better ETA to when your product is expected to be delivered.

Please note that shipments can occasionally be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  

You can also log onto using your username and password to view previous order confirmations, statuses, returns authorizations, tracking numbers, etc. 

If you still are experiencing issues locating the appropriate tracking information or never received a confirmation email, please contact our customer service department via email at and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.



The best ways to track your deliveries:

  1. You will be receive tracking status via email notifications from our shipping partner 
  2. Your exclusive tracking link will display the latest status of your parcel as well as carrier details
  3. You can also track your parcels on the Shippit site by the tracking provided onto the tracking tool Shippit | Tracking Tool

Additionally, once your order is confirmed at checkout, you will be able to select any of the following options to easily receive and be notified of shipping and delivery updates:

  1. Track your order with SHOP
  2. Get shipping updates by text