How do I join the Rewards program?
Create an account on www.volcom.com.au to become a Member. Membership is free. Visit www.volcom.com.au/blogs/campaigns/volcom-stone-rewards for more information.



I’m from outside Australia, can I join?
The Loyalty Rewards Program is available for AU customers on www.volcom.com.au 



Can I receive points for purchases made prior to joining the loyalty program?
No, only purchases made after joining the loyalty program are eligible to receive points and count towards your total Tier spend.



When will my points be awarded to my account?
For purchases made on our website, points will be awarded to your loyalty account when your order ships. You will be required to activate your account on volcom.com.au in order to view and redeem your points



How do I redeem my points for a Reward?
When shopping on volcom.com.au, Points can be redeemed towards a Reward coupon at checkout. You must be logged in to your account using your Volcom Stone Rewards email address to redeem points for a Reward at checkout. Also, to receive free standard shipping and/or to apply any loyalty member-specific promotions, you must be logged into your account when beginning checkout.



How do I find out how many loyalty points I have?
Login using your Volcom Stone Rewards here and navigate to “My Stone Rewards” section. Here you will see how many points you have, what status Tier you are in, how much you need to spend to reach the next status Tier, as well as a complete history of your point activity.



Why can't I use my Reward discount code and a promotional code on the same purchase?
When shopping on volcom.com.au, a Reward coupon code cannot be used in addition to another promotional discount code or an additional Reward coupon code. Codes do not stack.



How can I use more than a $50 discount Reward?
$50 is the max Reward discount to be used per transaction. Only one discount can be used per order. To use additional Rewards, create a separate order and apply your Reward.



I returned my purchase that was made using a Reward coupon, will I get my points back?
Returns must be made to their original point of purchase. When returning a purchase made on volcom.com.au, if you return your entire purchase, any Points you redeemed for the Reward coupon code used on that purchase will be credited back to your account.


For a partial return of a multi-item purchase made online at volcom.com.au, the Reward coupon will remain considered used and any points redeemed for the Reward coupon code will not be credited back to your account.



Points in my account have gone missing.
Any points earned from a purchase returned in its entirety will be removed from your account. If you’ve earned points on a purchase that is partially returned, your points will be reversed, and your total points earned on the purchase will reflect your original subtotal minus the total amount of the items returned.


I didn't get my Birthday Reward.
First, you must have visited the 'My Stone Rewards' section of your account on volcom.com.au and input your birthday month and day at least 30 days before your birthday.

To prevent abuse of this reward, if you inputted your birthdate a day after your birthday, you won't be granted your Birthday Reward until your birthday the following year. If you entered your birthdate less than 30 days prior to your birthday, your Reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days. If you entered your birthdate any time prior to 30 days of your birthday, your Reward should have been granted normally on your birthday.



When do my points and/or tier status expire?
Your eligibility to achieve Basic, Plus, and VIP status tiers is based on your cumulative eligible purchases made online at volcom.com.au. Your tier status lasts for 12 months following your entry to the tier unless you continue to make additional purchases within those 12 months that meet the threshold of the next highest tier. Conversely, if you make a return that decreases your 12 month cumulative spend below your current tier's threshold, your tier status will be lowered.



I have more than one loyalty account, can I consolidate my points under one single account?
We can accommodate a one-time transfer of any un-redeemed points originally awarded for a purchase. No points accumulated from the completion of non-purchase activities will be transferred.
Total spend between the accounts cannot be combined, and any transfers will have no impact on the remaining account's Tier status.



Why does it show I am being charged shipping in the SHOP app?
The Shop app includes your free shipping discount for being a loyalty member in the overall discount applied to your order, but then leaves the shipping charge in the Shipping line item. If you compare your total on the receipt emailed you from Volcom with the total presented in the Shop app, they are the same. We have alerted the developers of the Shop app that it is confusing to customers and are hoping for a resolution soon.