Whistle Zipper Pull

A zipper on your jacket that also acts as a whistle to signal your crew when you need assistance when you or your friend gets split off from the pack.

Goggle Pocket

A goggle stash pocket made out of a breathable mesh material located on the inside of your jacket.

Noise Pocket

A custom designed pocket to keep your phone or sound device in place, but easily accessible while you ride.

YKK® Aquaguard Zippers

YKK®'s water repellent zipper that provides enhanced water resistance via an innovative zipper element mechanism coated with polyurethane laminated tape for an almost water-proof seal.

Mesh Vents

Openings strategically placed in outerwear backed by a breathable mesh material that can be zipped open or closed for rapid internal temperature control.

Super Suede Chin Guard

A soft suede-like material on the inside of the jacket collar to prevent chafing to your face and chin.

Goggle Clips

Urethane clips attached to the inside of the jacket hood that clip to your goggle strap, keeping your hood perfectly in place and out of your field of vision when you ride.

Peripheral Hood Adjustment

A toggle cinch located in the rear of the hood allows you to custom adjust your hood's shape pulling the edges out of your peripheral vision.

Hidden Toggle Quick Cinch Hood

An adjustment toggle hidden from the outside of your jacket to help customize the fit of your hood.