A Week with Giovanni Vianna

Who is Giovanni Vianna?

Sao Paulo, Brazil upstart Giovanni Vianna has been crushing it at home and in the states! The best way to get familiar with him would be to watch his Volcom “My City” part below that was filmed entirely in his hometown.

Last year he stopped by southern California for a week, realizing his talent we went out skating with him to see what he could film in the week he was here. In the end he came back with a solid two and half minutes of footage. Not to bad for filming for only 5 days! After beating out 200+ skaters at Cowtown Skateshop’s Phoenix Am 2019, we decided to release his footage to give you just a taste of what he’s capable of!

Giovanni Vianna ad from Cemporcento Skate magazine in Brazil!

Back in Brazil, Giovanni hits the crusty spots of Sao Paulo daily and when we went down there with Thrasher Magazine, Gio showed that he can put it down with the big dogs! While he is still very young he is being noticed for his insane fakie and nollie combos that haven’t really been seen by anyone in skateboarding. Watch his Gingerzillian part and some clips he has in Thrasher Magazine’s “Terminal Tourist” below if you haven’t already!

Fresh off his win at Cowtown Skateshop’s Phoenix Am 2019, don’t expect Gio to slow down at all, in fact, it’s just the beginning! Follow him on instagram @Giovanni_Vianna to stay updated and congrats again for beating out 200+ skaters at Phoenix Am 2019!