Caught Up In a Good Thing: Simply Seamless Swimwear | Volcom Women's


Caught Up In a Good Thing is back with an exciting new addition to our eco-friendly swim line. This elevated collection is made using the same Econyl yarns as our Simply Solid Collection, but with a higher percentage, 82% regenerated nylon. This higher nylon content together with a jersey knitting technique results in a luxurious, super soft Italian fabric. We’ve made each swimsuit with two layers of this remarkable fabric. Every piece in this collection feels as soft on the inside as it does on the outside with a bonus of being that much more sustainable.

This season, we find ourselves in Cabo Pulmo, a National Marine Sanctuary in Mexico. One of the world’s largest marine reserves protecting the oldest and last live coral reef in the American Pacific.

Our ambassadors fill small ponga boats that skim the surface as they pass flock after flock of jumping rays. They swim with sea turtles and nurse sharks, dive into swarms of fearless friendly fish numbering in the 10s of thousands.

In this wild back drop, our Spring ’18 eco swim story takes life continuing with Simply Solid, introducing Simply Seamless and announcing our new partnership with Project 0.

Project 0 is a global organization working to restore and protect the world’s oceans. Proceeds from our Simply Seamless Bodysuit will benefit Project 0 and their efforts to fix the world’s largest and most solvable problem – THE OCEAN.

Our Simply Solid Collection begins with Econyl yarn and is knitted with Lycra Xtra Life to create Vita Fabric. Not only are you getting an eco-friendly suit, you’re getting the strongest, most durable fabric out there with UPF 50+ maximum UV protection and resistance to damage from chlorine and sunscreen lotions and oils.

Our Simply Seamless Collection is jersey knitted with Elastane to create renew cult fabric. A slightly softer yet just as strong collection that matches the strength and durability of our Simply Solid Collection. UPT 50+ maximum UV protection, soft and comfortable fabric, 82% recycled Econyl yarn and 18% Lycra.

It’s not too late. Join us in the fight to protect mother earth and her ocean. Volcom will donate $1 USD to Project 0 for each Simply Seamless Bodysuit sold. For more information about their efforts, visit WEAREPROJECTZERO.ORG