Charly Quivront Lets Loose in Hawaii

Charly Quivront, aka The Cat, is not new to this whole Hawaii thing. The young French surfer has spent many winter seasons at the Volcom Hawaii Houses surfing his brains out, hanging with the house crew dudes like Tai Vandyke and Kaimana Henry, and scoring tons of photos and video clips along the way. This season, Charly met Gabriel Novis, one of Brazil’s hottest surf filmmakers, and they instantly clicked. Gabriel was itching to work on a new project, and Charly was eager to get some fresh clips online. So the boys got to work in Hawaii and turned out this killer edit.

“I have been wanting to do a raw video part for a while. Inspired on those old skateboard films that we all grew up watching, and when I heard about this Volcom kid Charly Quivront staying in Hawaii for the winter, I jumped on the opportunity.”

A perfect fit. Gabriel stayed with Charly at the Volcom House at Pipeline where he was able to capture the vibes from the house and Hawaii in general to create a high energy feel good edit.

“The kid is true and surf needs more people like this. He knows how to mix high performance surfing with real fun sessions and Hawaii was the perfect set up for this rad sunny clip!”