Dabble "Free Time" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

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Dabble is a band of friends that have recently relocated to the burgeoning Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. It didn’t take long before Burger Records, who seem to have ears everywhere, caught on to their self-described Neu Dream Hip-Pop sound. As it turns out, Dabble was quite familiar with the record label. “I was just 15 years old when I first heard about Burger,”” says guitarist and vocalist Daniel Bonilla. “The instores [at Burger] were the most incredible shows. It was always like, if there was something cool going on in Southern California, Burger was behind it,” says bassist and vocalist Danielle Evans. “It’s definitely popular with the all-ages crowd,” adds Daniel. “Everybody knows Burger!”

"It was always like, if there was something cool going on in Southern California, Burger was behind it."

Dabble originally formed in 2014 as an experimental two-piece with Daniel and guitarist/vocalist David von Hegedus, and they released a self-titled debut EP soon after. By the time of EP II, they had filled out the sound by adding Danielle Evans, Jordan Fielder on drums, and Austin Pacheco on synths. With a full band in place, Dabble seems to be surprising audiences and making new fans wherever they go.

“Dabble came out of nowhere for me,” says Burger Records’ Sean Bohrman. “I saw them play at the Burger Bowl festival a few years ago and I was blown away. Lee had booked them on the show so I had never seen them. I was listening to their set and they covered The Cranberries’ “Dreams” and I was hooked. Afterward, we rereleased their first EP cassette on Burger and did a few more shows before they started self-recording their debut album which is coming out soon [it’s out now, it’s called Touch, listen on Dabble’s bandcamp] and it’s amazing! Good people, great band – can’t ask for more than that!”

The good vibes are mutual as we await the release of their LP Touch. “They [Burger] are just real music lovers and down to earth people,” says Daniel. “It’s rare to find that sometimes, and we appreciate it,” Danielle explains. “We’re Burger newbs, but they’ve been really nice to us,” says Daniel.