Highlights From Day 1 Of The 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro

After many intense lei days on the North Shore of waiting for better weather conditions and optimal swell, the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro finally kicked off in fun, wedgy conditions with Round 1 surfing. The stormy weather circulating the North Shore the past week moved around the sand at Pipeline which caused the surfers to sit down the beach towards Backdoor and even Off The Wall. There were some insane waves ridden today, heavy wipeouts, and a handful of high scores. Tyler Newton snagged a clean 9-point ride in the Volcom Last Chance Qualifier heat to earn himself a spot into Round 2, and 15-year-old Pipe charger Wyatt McHale secured an equally impressive, and deep, 8.5 earning him a huge applause from the beach.



H1: (1) Nathan Florence, (2) Mikey Bruneau, (3) Kai Lenny, (4) Jason Shibata
H2: (1) Wyatt McHale, (2) Gregg Nakamura, (3) Kelson Lau, (4) Noah Beschen
H3: (1) Hank Gaskell, (2) Koa Rothman, (3) Alex Pendleton, (4) Myles Padaca
H4: (1) Ezra Sitt, (2) Dylan Goodale, (3) Landon McNamara, (4) Evan Valiere
H5: (1) Seth Moniz, (2) Danny Fuller, (3) Braiden Maither, (4) Kevin Sullivan
H6: (1) Turo Ariitu, (2) Chris Foster, (3) Sheldon Paishon, (4) Kekoa Bacalso
H7: (1) Kekoa Cazimero, (2) Shayden Pacarro, (3) Lance Gruver, (4) Tereva David
H8: (1) Luke Shepardson, (2) Ulualoha Napeahi, (3) Takayuki Wakita, (4) Logan Bediamol