Divergent Everymen Featuring Deth P Sun & Henry Jones At The Volcom Garden

On Saturday, August 19, Divergent Everymen, a two-person art show featuring Deth P Sun and Henry Jones, opened at the Volcom Garden in Austin, TX. Henry Jones was on hand to talk to the crowd about his iconic skateboard drawings (and to crack a few cold ones with the boys). A heated best-trick contest sponsored by No Comply skate shop went down on the mini ramp with Sunny Sous taking home the prize package by way of a blunt nose grab to fakie on the makeshift pole jam. Good vibes and cold drinks flowed throughout the evening as visitors indulged themselves of Deth and Henry’s work displayed on the walls.

Art by Deth P Sun
Art by Henry Jones

The show title, Divergent Everymen, references the everyman character which is present in both Deth and Henry’s work. Deth’s adventurous cat character leads his audience through run-of-the-mill, common-man dwellings, as well as mystical lands filled with dense foliage. His colorful approach coupled with space-like settings gives the viewer something to study intently, and we are extremely happy to have him show his work at The Garden. See more of his work on dethpsun.com or on his Instagram: @dethpsun

Deth P Sun

Depth P Sun

Henry Jones’ illustration style is deceptively simple. He’s a master at creating drawings that echo skateboarding and shine light on everyday situations all skaters can relate to. His work touches on skateboarding’s whimsy and mystique better than most, molding characters onto a blank page with thick lines and bold colors. Henry has collaborated with a handful of reputable brands, and we are stoked to have him show his art and insight into skateboarding’s preserved culture. Check out more of his work at henryjonesart.bigcartel.com, his Instagram @henryjones

Henry Jones
Henry Jones

Henry Jones

If you ever find yourself in Austin, swing by the Volcom Garden and check out the art and limited goods we have to offer. The space is open seven days a week, so no excuses! Well, unless your excuse is that you’re currently dead. We’ll accept that one. Hope to see you soon.

– Michael Sieben, Curator at the Volcom Garden