Earth Day DIY W/ Recycled Beer Bottles

With Earth Day around the corner we decided to celebrate by combining our 2 favorite things. A DIY project & beer! We took a second to think about how many beer bottles, wine bottles, or any bottles we go through on a weekly basis. Now what if you could reuse those bottles in a creative way that would look cute in your home and benefit mother earth? Well we’re showing you an easy way to do both!

What you need:
– Beer bottles (or any empty bottles you have lying around)
– painters tape
– plastic bags
– Spray paint (any colors you prefer)
– Acrylic paint (if you choose to draw designs)
– Little paint brush
– Newspaper
– Assortment of flowers


Once the bottles are empty, give them a good rinse. We put a tiny amount of dish soap in the bottles and rinsed thoroughly till we couldn’t smell the beer anymore. If you’re using bottles with paper labels on them, soak them in warm water for a bit to make it easier to peel off. We chose bottles with printed on labels so there was no peeling involved.

Once all bottles are clean and dry, grab your painters tape and rip off a piece to wrap around the bottle. Try your best to make a straight line. Take your plastic bag and wrap it around the top so that it doesn’t get sprayed by the paint.

When that’s done, go outside and start spray painting your bottles! Lay some newspaper or card board down so as not to get your yard dirty.

Keep the bottle about 10 or 12 inches away from yourself and spray in thin even layers or else the paint will go on too thick and start to make drip lines down your bottle.

The bottles with writing on them took a couple extra coats to cover up the writing. Do one coat, let it dry. Then do the second coat.

Let all of the bottles dry, about 20 minutes.

Grab the bottles you want to draw designs on and get to working! The simpler the design the better, in our opinion. It makes it easier on you and easier on the eyes.

Let the bottles dry again and start filling them with water! If you have a funnel lying around I would suggest you use it as the openings are pretty narrow on beer bottles. Cut your flowers to fit each vase and enjoy your creation!