Red Bull TV - In House: Road to the Volcom Pipe Pro - Episode 3

In episode 3 of In House: Road to the Volcom Pipe Pro, the Volcom team gears up for the Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach and a couple dark horses look to take the event by storm. Back at the Volcom House, one of the team’s most iconic surfers from the past, who helped bring Volcom’s true heritage and spirit to Hawaii, turns up to give a candid interview on Pipeline, his relationship to the wave, and how he still visualizes himself hoisting a trophy there. We also meet Yago Dora, one of Volcom’s rising stars from Brazil. With Yago, it’s not a matter of IF he’ll make the World Surf Tour, but WHEN. His explosive talent and freakish bag of tricks you’ll see in this episode during a freesurf with housemate Balaram Stack will surely validate his readiness for the Tour.

In House: Road to the Volcom Pipe Pro is an inside look at the two most infamous fortresses on the North Shore, the Volcom houses, which serve as base camp for the company’s team of surfers as they navigate the most intense period of the year, the Hawaiian winter, at the end of which looms the Volcom Pipe Pro and an opportunity, for some, to qualify for next year’s Pipe Masters, while others look to start their 2016 campaign with a statement performance.