Flying Hair "Tantrum" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Burger Records x Volcom present Cyber Singles Club, features music from the newest breed of Burger Records stars in the making, recorded exclusively at Volcom Studio, and will be released for free download & streaming every Monday for 20 weeks beginning April 17th.


Since 2014 Flying Hair has been smashing together different influences and steadily crafting their own unique sound. The story starts with two friends jamming in Los Angeles. “Bobby (Martin, bass and vocals) and Kurt (Mangum, guitar) had been jamming for fun with Kurt,” says drummer Matthew Clark. “They asked if I wanted to jam.” With the addition of Matthew, Bobby switched instruments and picked up the bass. “We had an immediate chemistry and pretty quickly wrote a bunch of songs. We also spent a lot of time improvising and finding our sound.” Bryan Fox joined Flying Hair on synths in 2015. “He has added a lot to the sound,” says Clark.

Their first release, Haunted Hangout II, dropped in April 2015 on Clarks’s own Casual Acid Tea label, first as a cassette and later on vinyl. In the meantime, the band has been fast at work on a second album titled Night Fight.

Matthew has spent some time at Volcom Studio previously. “I’ve recorded twice before at the Volcom Studio, first for the Premonition 13 debut 7″ and later for the Premonition 13 full length sessions which also produced the material for the Earthless/Radio Moscow split,” explains Matthew. “Brian [Mckinley, engineer at Volcom Studio] is super adept at getting good sounds quickly and creating a vibe for creativity and experimentation.” This vibe worked for their Cyber Singles session. “Recording this session with Flying Hair, I was pleased, but not surprised, at how quickly we got good sounds and knocked the session out,” he continues, “Plus we had fun with the green screen video aspect of that session.”

To describe Tantrum, Matthew says, “This song is about losing your cool. Bobby wrote the words and we all wrote the music together. It has kind of a space punk feel.” You may have already heard this song in Volcom surf videos. “We love all the support we have gotten from Volcom and we love seeing our jams soundtracking surf videos,” says Clark.