Georgia May Jagger Shares How Her Mother Jerry Hall Influenced Her Own Style

Those of you who have followed us on Instagram recently know that we’ve been working closely with the beautiful and stylish Georgia May Jagger. With a supermodel for a mom and a rockstar for a dad, it’s not hard to figure out where she got her amazing sense of style from. So for this Mother’s Day we sat down with Georgia to get some insight on how her mom, Jerry Hall, has influenced her style and love of fashion over the years!


Could you tell us a little about your mother’s style?

GEORGIA: My mothers style is amazing, it’s much more old school Hollywood glam than mine. She loves pink and red and getting dressed up. She’s also Texan so when she’s dressed down she loves flannel shirts and jeans.

How has your mother’s style influenced you growing up?

GEORGIA: Her style is incredible. I think I’ve always been influenced by her style. Growing up Me and my sister would borrow things from her wardrobe. She loves great tailoring like Antony Price and Vivienne Westwood. She’s definitely passed that onto me. We quite often buy the same things all of us girls without realizing.

What is your favorite fashion memory with your mom?

GEORGIA: I always love helping her plan her outfits she likes to plan weeks sometimes months in advance and it’s always so much fun to help her. I’ve been doing it since I was little. She can also do her full makeup in 10 minutes, no matter what the situation.

What pieces from the current Volcom Women’s collection would your mom have maybe chosen back in the day vs. what would she choose today?

GEORGIA: My mom says she wants all the swimwear the most. I think she would look good in all of it. Her style has changed a bit so she would probably prefer a one piece to a bikini.

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