Photography Exhibit Ft. Work By Sandy Carson, Adrian Whipp, Clif Wright At Volcom Garden: "We're New Here"


Volcom Garden

1209 E. 6th St.

Austin, TX 78702


Sept. 8, 7-11pm

Show runs ’til Sept. 29



Volcom presents “We’re New Here,” a photography exhibition at the Volcom Garden featuring ongoing bodies of work from Sandy CarsonClif Wright, and Adrian Whipp. Carson and Wright’s works explore the everyday imperfections in the American social landscapes while Whipp has created a series of mini acid-trip photographic glass plates, each containing a small universe of images covered with an alchemical mess of silver nitrate and imagery. Seeing is believing!

Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, Sept. 8, for an evening of art, music and refreshments. Communion (the band) will be performing at 9pm and beverages have been graciously supplied by Independence Brewing. This event has been made possible by support from the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Dept. Hope to see you there!