Robber "Monster in the Cabinet" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Burger Records X Volcom present Cyber Singles Club: Robber – “Monster in the Cabinet”


Robber was formed in November of 2016 by three friends from Mission Viejo, CA. David Sheets plays the bass and sings back up, Max Kulmer plays the drums, and Chris Devine plays guitar and sings. “David and I have lived on the same street for like half our lives,” says Chris. “Max and David have been friends forever. Max and I also played in a band together and that’s how we met.”

Robber is conceptually mysterious. For example, you won’t find them on social media. “We don’t have social media because we don’t really see the need to,” says Chris, who also puts in time as bassist for The Side Eyes. They often perform in disguise wearing ski masks. “Playing in a mask is fun, but really sucks sometimes… really hot and sweaty,” explains Chris.

“Monster in the Cabinet” comes from the same sessions that produced the self-released Live at Volcom EP. “Our very good friend, Mr. Sunday helped us put it out ourselves,” says Chris. “It’s nice to do it ourselves because we kind of have control of everything.” The song itself reflects our current times. “Monster in the Cabinet is about our beliefs of the current POTUS and the rest of the regime,” explains Chris.

Robber plans to record and release a 7″ soon to complete the Live at Volcom EP. “We put out CDs and cassettes, but need to get more,” adds Chris.