Hanging At The Skate Park With Lucie Curutchet

A true blessing in life is when you get to do what you love for a living, and here at Volcom, we’d say that’s the case for all of us. Skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders from all over the map, get to come together and work for a company we all believe in. And more often than not, those work days come with perks such as taking a day trip to Mammoth to snowboard or hopping on a plane to Hawaii to photograph one of our professional surfers.

In Lucie Curuchet’s case, shredding the skatepark sometimes falls under “work.” Lucie is part of our marketing team in France and lives and breathes the embodiment of the Stone. She has shown true dedication to her work, as well as her passion for skating. Read below to get to know a little more about Lucie, and keep up with all of her latest adventures on Instagram: @lucie_curutchet.

All photos by Claudia Lederergive: @claudia_ldr

Tell us a little about yourself!

LUCIE: My name is Lucie Curutchet and I was born in Bayonne, Basque country (SW, France). I went to school and music conservatory in Bayonne before leaving to Toulouse, TBS (Toulouse Business School) for my studies. During a four year span, I lived in Belgium, Spain and Mexico either for work internships or part of a student exchange program. I came back home almost three years ago to work for Volcom, and have been here ever since.

What do you do at Volcom?

LUCIE: I am in charge of the Digital Marketing in Europe. Basically, how to promote the brand on the web through social, online contests, influencers, and partnerships with media outlets.

How long have you been skating? Is this a side hobby or your true passion?

LUCIE: I had my first street skateboard when I was eight years old, and spent years playing in my neighborhood without really going to any skateparks. I had only been to parks a few times with my mum, but didn’t dare try as it was always full of older guys with a pretty good level of expertise. When I was living in big cities during my studies, my bike cruiser was my means of getting around. I loved riding across the city streets, way more fun than the subway. Skating has always been a true passion, but I never really had the chance to practice proper tricks in ramps or obstacles before joining Volcom. I have been skating the Volcom park for nearly three years now, and I’ve learned a few things, but still need to improve a lot!

What is your ideal outfit to skate in?

LUCIE: My ideal outfit is a Volcom black stretch denim, perfect to feel really comfortable. As a top, I don’t really mind, as long as it’s not too short. I am always wearing authentic Vans (high or low) or slip ons.

What’s your favorite piece from the VOLCOM x GMJ collection?

LUCIE: I like wearing the white GMJ Tee, but I would say my favorite one is the GMJ Raglan. I really love the vintage and street wear inspiration.

Do you have any advice for girls who’d like to start skateboarding, but are afraid to try?

LUCIE: First, go buy protective pads and a helmet. Ok, it’s ugly, not really fashion and no skaters are wearing them, but it would be the best solution if you don’t want my full-of-bruises and scratched legs. When you first try, you may spend more time on the ground. Then I would say, don’t be ashamed. No one is judging you and it’s never too late to start!