Episode 4: "Germany to Denmark" | Speak Two The WInd

Episode 4 of Speak Two The Wind follows the Volcom Skate Team through Germany and Denmark as they meet up with the owner of Motorious, a vintage motorcycle shop in Denmark, and skate through the streets and local skate parks.

Stopping in Berlin to pick up Arto Saari and Collin Provost, the crew finally makes it to Denmark after another bout of bad weather. Known as one of the ‘happiest places on earth’ Copenhagen, Denmark was a much needed break. Luckily, Kasper Krogh, one of the owners of Motorius, a vintage motorcycle shop in Copenhagen, was kind enough to give them a warm and dry place to sleep for a few nights. Located in the heart of downtown and close to Copenhagen’s many skate spots the crew was eternally grateful for Kasper’s hospitality. After a few days in the city on four wheels, and two, it was time to hit the road to the next, and final, destination.