Truly Checked Out at Volcom's Party of The Decade

The Pink Hotel

171 Griffiths Street, Coolangatta, QLD, 4225

April 7th, 2019

Midday – 6:00pm


Free Entry, open to Public. Doors open at 12 pm, so get in early before we reach capacity.


A Sunday session like never before!

Party with HOCKEY DAD! Watch the Volcom Global Skate team shred up the ramp and have a beer with them after! Check out huge murals by Artists Jamie Browne + Lisa King, witness the installation by Volcom Skater Jesse ‘RED’ Noonan, get trippy in our experimental rooms, and lose your mind at the live bands!

Beer from hop slingers YOUNG HENRY’S and free eats from Eddies Grub House! This event is open to the public, doors open at 12 pm so get in early before we reach capacity!


Hockey Dad
Jackson Pilz
Axel Cruysberghs
Simon Bannerot
Jesse RED Noonan
Cj Collins
Ozzy Wrong
Noa Deane
Coco Ho
Maud Le Car
Yago Dora
Lisa King
Jaime Browne
Tegan Phillipa
Nathan Landers
Elisha Herbert
Renee Herbert
Kai Suteja
Ezra Lee
Hell & Whisky… And many more!


The Volcom Stone at The Pink Hotel in Coolangatta.
The Pink Hotel