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There are a lot of things a young man can choose to do after high school. Perhaps you could start a band. “As soon as Ben and I got out of high school we formed the band with Christopher who happens to be my older brother,” says drummer Phillip Dominick. “We’ve been a band since 2011.”

At that time Burger Records were already cementing a reputation amongst Angelenos. “I’ve always been a fan of the label,” says guitarist and vocalist Christopher Valer. “I’ve always been a fan of Ty Segall.”

Their band Vision would soon catch a ride on the Burger wave after a memorable encounter at a grassroots swap meet. “Independent label market, as I recall,” remembers Phillip. “It was at Silverlake elementary school.” Bassist Ben Nastase adds, “They had a booth there.”

Burger Records founder Sean Bohrman recalls: “We met Vision at a record label swap meet. I was sitting at our booth and saw this kid walk through the gate and start heading straight for us. He immediately handed us his demo and said he took a bus from East LA to come and meet us. He explained that they don’t get the respect they deserve and it was really intense… this guy is not joking around! We listened to the demo on the way home from the swap and it blew us away. It was like a tough Brit-pop band from East LA… like Oasis with balls. And like Oasis, they were comprised of two brothers who are constantly at odds.” From that point on, Vision and Burger were like family. “We released their debut tape, their debut LP, have taken them on tours and brought them on shows all over the USA. They’re still just as intense as the day we met them.”