Volcom Featured Artist Series Presents Mike Parillo

An icon in the snowboarding universe, the legendary Mike Parillo is respected as one of the leading artistic visionaries in the action sports industry, having done essential work with major brands like Volcom and Lib Technologies for over two decades.

"The trick to painting is to get into it so much that you forget what you're doing." -Parillo

And yet through art, Mike found himself. His vehicle and his voice. Over the past 20 years he has built an increasingly complex body of work. His connection to Volcom goes all the way back to the formative, tribal years of the Stone. He is Volcom family. Mike grew up in Los Angeles in the 80s at the apex of the exploding skate, surf and youth culture movement. These influences were profound and put him squarely on the path he walks today.

“The artwork came from one of the early paintings in my experimental camouflage series,” Mike explains. “My idea was to make camouflage that was the opposite of camouflage. To think in a different way.” Defined by bright colors and layers of complex patterns, his latest collection will definitely not blend into the background, but instead make a bold and unexpected statement on style.