Volcom Stone Made Adds Anti-Microbial Odor Prevention To Jeans and Chinos

Currently exclusive to Volcom in stretch denim; the modern-fit Solver in the denim wash, regular-fit Kinkade in the Blue Drift wash and the Vorta Form jeans in Blue Drift & Indigo washes, feature sustainable anti-microbial finishes that allow for these jeans to be worn longer and harder between washes with less odor. With constant life on the road and the everyday abuses the Volcom Skate Team puts their jeans through, the designers at Volcom took it upon themselves to help stop the stench. Now life in the van is a whole lot less smelly.

Developed by Cone Denim®, who have been producing denim for 125 years, they used their expertise and experience to create a stretch denim with an anti-microbial finish using positive ions applied to fabric that effectively reduces odor caused by bacteria. This process, a first for Cone, creates a longer lasting bond between the positive ions and the denim fabric. Current tests have shown very little to no loss of the anti-microbial finish after 20 laundry washes.

In a similar process, but using silver ions, Volcom Stone Made chinos in the Stranger modern and slim tapered jogger fits and the Gritter modern tapered, regular and slim fits also offer anti-microbial protection against odor.