Welcoming Jack Robinson to the Volcom Family

It’s true. Jack Robinson has officially joined the Volcom Family. Fresh off his win at this year’s Volcom Pipe Pro in February, this cosmic alignment has us overwhelmed with enthusiasm and feeling a great sense of pride to see the Stone stuck to the nose of Jack’s surfboards starting now.

“The moment I put the sticker on I couldn’t be more stoked.  It’s exciting to have people that believe in my dreams.  Volcom is core and true to this and it’s an amazing fit for me!”

– Jack Robinson

Words by Travis Ferre

Jack Robinson is no stranger. Not to us in the collective surf world or any of the surrounding seas. We all know him. We know his straw-like blonde hair from miles away. We can identify his stylish and powerful turns from way down the beach. And we recognize his world class and mysteriously intuitive tube riding even with the sun in our eyes. Simply: Jack’s been blowing our mind for a very long time. But Jack is only 21 years old! Which is surreal to read because we’ve all known his surfing for so long. That’s because Jack was blessed with preternatural talent since boyhood and we’ve been watching him grow up right before our eyes. For more than a decade now actually. At Teahupoo. At Pipeline. At the Box. At North Point. All over the world. And in movies. With standout performances at world-class waves. Always on the one. Growing up. Proving himself. And now, it’s official: Jack Robinson is no longer the boy next door. He’s ready to carve his way into the place in the surf pantheon we’ve been holding for him since he was 8 years old. It’s time. And to kick off Jack’s new chapter, he will be joining the most eclectic, authentic and legitimate surf family on the planet: Volcom.

Yeah, Jack Robinson rides for Volcom now.

Don’t call it a sequel or a comeback, call it the beginning for Jack Robinson and Volcom.

“Years in the making, Jack truly rounds out the Volcom family, he embodies a powerful combination of incredible talent, passion and creative liberation. He has always fit right in at the Volcom Houses in Hawaii (we could almost never get him to leave) and now it’s true… Jack’s finally home!”

– Todd Hymel, Volcom CEO

Give Jack a follow on Instagram at @jackrobinson_official and keep track of his results on the QS on WSL.