Volcom Workwear Interview Part 1. with Cowboy Volcom Workwear Interview Part 1. with Cowboy

Recently we released our new collection of Volcom Workwear, featuring bespoke craftsman Ryan Cowell of Magic Axe.

The design process was focused on durability, functionality and all-day comfort. Like the tradesmen we are catering for, we wanted to build things that last. Built on a foundation of creative liberation, Volcom workwear brings comfort, durability and creativity to the work site.

We sat down with the man himself, Ryan Cowell (aka Cowboy) to chat about creativity, his favourite Workwear pieces, if he’d trust his best mate Ozzy Wright with his power tools and a bunch of other things you didn’t know you needed to know.

VWW was built on a foundation of creative liberation. What’s one way you express yourself creatively?

I try to breathe a little bit of creativity in everything I do... make it more enjoyable I guess.

Tell us a bit about what you do. Have you always wanted to pursue this line of work?

I remember being in school and loving art class and wood working and not really having any interest in any other classes at all, so I guess it’s not so surprising that I’m now building things.

What’s something you’ve created that you’re most proud of?

Maybe the cheese board I made for my Mum back in Year 10 Woodwork. She’s still got it.

What are your favourite VWW pieces?

I bloody love it all!

What are a few of your favourite features on those products?

Just how comfortable they are.

Has your life in surfing helped you at all in your trade?

Yeah, surfing helps in every single thing I do. It just makes me happy.

Would you trust Ozzy Wright alone in your shed with your power tools?

UMMMM wellll NAH F that, he’s pretty crafty with a brush tho..

What’s the most useful advice anyone gave you for running a business?

I don’t think I’ve ever really been given any good advice in how to run a business and that’s probably why I’m not so great at it.

What years did you work for Volcom?

F**k knows? Good times tho, real good times.

What was your job title and responsibilities?

I was Events Co-ordinator. I probably gave myself that title. Pretty much ran surf, skate & snowboard events all over Australia and New Zealand.

Wildest purchase on the Company credit card in those years and now on your own one..?

Hahaha no comment

Worst person in the Goons to share a room with and why?

Killer whale, he sleepwalks in the nude

What’s your top 3 memories working with Volcom? Either as an employee or as a musician or craftsman.

Maybe the 15months they employed me to travel round the World, surfing and filming with Oz, making “156 tricks”, or when they gave us - “The GOONS” - $30k to go on tour for a month all over Australia. What about that time we organised with Monster Children a half pipe on a barge and drove it out and sat it under the Harbour Bridge? That was pretty solid, or about that time we went to Japan for a week to play one show or what about the time…