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Men’s Sustainably Produced Clothing That Keeps Up With Volcom Quality
We’re making men’s clothing that matches our legendary style with our dedication to sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Volcom’s Eco-True line of products is letting you stay aware of what you wear while delivering a look that’s true to your sense of style. Find men’s sustainable clothing that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or quality with our range of shirts, pants, swim shorts, and more.

We’ve spent decades producing board sport clothing and casual fashion that leads the world in great apparel. Our eco-friendly men’s clothing is leading our commitment to meaningful practices that protect our world. Our Farm To Yarn sustainable clothing line includes pieces made with certified organic cotton that we’ve tracked from seed to garment to ensure it meets our standards. With traceable cotton, we’ve partnered with CottonConnect to source materials that are helping to give back to local farmers.

Our men’s clothing made with Repreve® recycled fibre is produced with recycled plastic from water bottles, giving you a selection of sustainable clothing that includes t-shirts, boardshorts, and more, all without sacrificing comfort and quality. Our complete range of swimwear includes select hemp-fibre Stoney swim trunks, designed for flexible comfort that lasts all season.

Plus, we offer winter clothing products with Teflon EcoElite™ made from renewably sourced, plant-based materials, along with pro-grade GORE-TEX jackets made with Responsibly Sourced and Scope Certified down insulation.

Learn More About What We Are Doing
Our commitment to the environment is defining the future of Volcom. Contact us to learn more about our sustainable clothing and how we are committed to producing men’s eco-friendly products that look good and fit the style you want. Order online and get free shipping on orders over $65.