Volcom was built on our ‘True To This’ beliefs, and as part of that, our commitment to the environment and responsible sourcing is a fundamental pillar of the brand. There are three things that drive our compliance and environmental programs: Strong Oceans, a Stable Climate, and a Smart Society. These core drivers support health and stability on this planet and allow us to chase our passions around the globe.

To make those drivers a reality, we have implemented key programs that guide the way we operate:

  • Responsible manufacturing - We are committed to sustainable fiber sourcing and safe manufacturing, ensuring our products are built responsibly and in compliance with the highest global social and chemical regulatory practices.
  • Giving Back - Our Volcom Giveback Series™ brings awareness to – and raises funds for – organizations that are meaningful to our stakeholders.
  • Impact Assessment - Using industry tools like the Higg Index and Textile Exchange’s Preferred Fiber & Materials Benchmark survey we continue to assess our materials mix, and our management practices to ensure we are progressing.

At Volcom, we make meaningful products that not only exemplify our lifestyle, but enhance the ability to live it, and we strive to do so responsibly. Through our environmental, regulatory, and social compliance efforts we are on the right path in our endless pursuit of doing what is right. This tireless commitment protects our customers and our manufacturing partners.

Responsible manufacturing is a pillar to the True To This belief system and we will never stop pursuing new ways to protect our planet and the people that build and use our products.