Volcom To Spritzerland - A Dave Seoane Film Experience

Direct from the power source by the luminary cinematic originator Dave Seoane, who’s directed monumental snowboarding films like Roadkill, Subjekt Haakonsen and The White Album (just to name a few). On the surface this visual experience is not for everybody, on the contrary it’s only for those that can relate to the dreamers.

Specifically they lost consciousness last February then awoke at an undisclosed parallel multiverse called Spritzerland. Rarely visited, the journey would define the nature of their existence…and little did they know at the time that the world as they knew it, would never be the same.

Accompanied by transient influencers by the likes of Jamie Lynn, Elena Hight, Seth Huot, Richard Woolcott, Remy Stratton, Pat Field and friends. Embody them as they chase the chief powder hound Jeff Pensiero and his Baldface imagineers through steep and deep swells of epic proportions.

For directions to Spritzerland follow the hologram highway to 1991 and take a big puff off the pipe dream…or you could just watch this!

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