Balaram Stack was born in Florida but grew up in Long Island, New York where learned to surf living just a block from the beach in Point Lookout. Today Balaram can be found chasing swells all over the world, dividing his time between New York, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Balaram Stack

Balaram Stack In New York City - 4 Cities (Episode 4)

Balaram Stack In New York City - 4 Cities (Episode 4)

In this episode of 4 Cities, you'll learn how Balaram Stack grew up surfing in a place like New York and what its like in the Empire State.

Watch CAKE starring Balaram Stack. A film which documents a year of following waves around the globe to some familiar and some unlikely places:

Summer in New York

New York local, Balaram Stack, shows Chris Pfanner, Jordan Trahan, Arto Saari and Austin Amelio (on a break from filming The Walking Dead) around New York City for an epic day of skating, swimming, biking and imbibing.