Bleached Aqua Tassel Hanging

In honor of our newest Bleached Aqua Collection for Volcom Women’s, we decided to get a little crafty and dedicate a DIY project to it! We looked around and around and finally found something that caught our eye. This very easy tassel wall hanging will make your home look beautiful and will fulfill your creative side. Take a look!

What you need:

– Yarn in different shades of blue and complimentary colors

– Scissors

– A wooden dowel

– Wood stain (optional)

– Jute twine


The first thing you want to do is measure how long you want your tassels to be. An easy trick is to grab an old shoe box lid and wrap your yarn around the lid 20 – 30 times for the right amount of thickness.

Once you’ve wrapped the yarn around the lid 20 – 30 times, start cutting the yarn on the edge of the box.

Get a measuring tape and roll it out to 7ft. Cut a bunch of the jute twine that size. Those are going to be the pieces that hang from the wooden dowel. Grab your cut jute twine and tie a knot around the middle of your yarn bundle. Tie it in a double knot to make sure it’s secure.

When that’s done, grab the top of your yarn bundle and leave about an inch from the top to wrap around more jute to make a tassel.

Once you’ve done a few, lay some out to see how they look side by side so that you can get a feel of how you want to place your tassels.

Once you’ve completed all of your tassels, you can start staining your wooden dowel. I chose a “cherry” finish, but you can chose how dark you want to stain, it’s up to you. Follow the instructions on your wood stain, mine just said to constantly stir it and paint it on. Once finished, I left it in the garage to set overnight.

Once the wooden dowel was dry, I cut it down to size since I only did a few tassels. I just used a small hand saw that you can get at any hardware store. If you prefer not to cut it, you can make more tassels to fit the dowel.

Grab your twine and start tying them to the dowel in double knots. I noticed when I was tying mine, they had a little trouble staying put so I hot glued them in place to be extra safe. You can either drill a couple of nails through the dowel into your wall or grab a couple of hooks and hang it on. Either way works and will look so cute wherever you decide to put it!