Gemma O'Brien Teaches You Block Lettering Techniques in Volcom's "School Of Cool" Tutorial

Welcome to the first episode of Volcom’s School Of Cool, a three part “How To” series of hand lettering tutorials from Volcom Ambassador, Gemma O’Brien (aka @mrseaves101 on Instagram).

In this first lesson Gemma demonstrates the techniques to create bold block letter forms that will give your lettering dimension and a dose of strong color. Below is a list of all the supplies you’ll need to follow along with Gemma as well as link to a free download of Gemma’s base alphabet guide template that she uses in the video.

You will need:

Bond Paper – smooth and semi transparent
Colour textas or pencils
Lightbox for tracing (optional)
Alphabet guide (see below)

Who is Gemma O’Brien? Learn more about this Volcom Ambassador.

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