Making Clothes Can Be a Dirty Business...

Watch ‘Farm To Yarn’ A Documentary Short Film That Pulls Back The Curtain

Farm To Yarn

Chapter 1 of the journey

Director, Nate Peracciny follows Big Tony Alvarez, Volcom’s VP of Global of Compliance & Supply Chain to India to document the progress of Volcom’s ‘Farm To Yarn‘ initiative. Big Tony, Alison Ward (CottonConnect CEO), the farmers and village women share their experience with the program and the benefits of moving away from conventional cotton farming and embracing organic farming.

"I think Farm to Yarn has the ability to change the mindset of a group of people that feel this is just the way that they do things, this is how they've always done them, and this is just how their life is."
Farm To Yarn

Organic Cotton Tees

Big Tony with organic cotton farmer Sandu Keshav Nikam

A cotton plant's fully opened boll ready to be harvested
Big Tony with Derek Sabori, Volcom's Sustainability advisor and OCC instructor

Freshly harvested organic cotton waiting to be picked up

Radha Bai works on the cotton farm and is responsible for taking care of the animals
Welcoming Volcom to the training school for women

Bails upon bails of organic cotton, that’s a lot of t-shirts

Games are used in both of the education courses
When you are 6'6" you get used to the attention, especially when traveling in the East

Miles and miles of organic cotton spools

The final product, a genuine Volcom tee made with organic cotton
Look for the label...