Hello, My Name Is Michael Sieben


My first graphic was printed in 2004, the same year I got hired by Thrasher magazine as a contributing writer and illustrator. In hindsight, ’04 freaking ruled. This January, I was hired by Volcom to serve as their Global Art Curator. Part of these duties include curating the Volcom Garden, a new art space at 1209 E. 6th Street in Austin, TX. I have over eight years experience running commercial galleries in Austin. I co-owned Camp Fig, a shotgun gallery space on West 5th Street, back in the early 2000s. More recently, I co-owned Okay Mountain gallery (2006-2012). We had two physical locations: one just off Cesar Chavez and one on it. I’m stoked to once again have the opportunity to curate shows for my city, showcasing local work as well as bringing in art from across the U.S. and hopefully from an international pool once we’re more established.

The first show held at The Garden was “Locally Sourced” and was comprised of all Austin-based artists. My goal was to fill the space with tons of friends and let my immediate creative circle know that there was a new space in town that can serve as a free creative hub in which to congregate. The show consists of 24 artists (including myself) and the opening reception was the largest event I’ve ever helped plan. Over 800 people came through the space over the course of five hours. Tim Kerr and Jerry Hagins (Up Around the Sun) performed music inside the gallery and Residual Kid closed out the night with an outside performance. It was an awesome way to introduce The Garden to the Austin community.

To celebrate the launch of The Garden and my new role with Volcom, we have reissued my very first t-shirt graphic, “Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Awesomeness”. Originally, the graphic had a large front print with a small back print, but we updated the placement and the new version has the main graphic on the back with a small type treatment over the pocket area of the shirt. Different but the same. This shirt is only available (in very limited quantities) in The Garden and online at volcom.com as part of the Volcom Garden exclusives collection. You won’t see it in any other shops, period.

Michael Sieben Volcom garden exclusive reissue tee! Sorry it’s sold out online.

Michael Sieben is also the managing editor of Thrasher magazine, a monthly columnist with Juxtapoz magazine, owns his own skate brand, Program Skates, and is in chronic need of a haircut. See more at msieben.com or giving him a follow on Instagram at @sieben_up.