Episode 1: "California to Arizona" | Speak Two The Wind

Episode 1 of Speak Two The Wind sees the Volcom Skate Team lift off from Collin Provost’s house in Vista, CA, on motorcycles as they make their way through the California and Arizona deserts, skateboarding and embracing all that the open road has to offer.

Following an epic night out in Oceanside that culminated at Collin’s house, the crew, Chris Pfanner, Jackson Pilz, Arto Saari, Jelle Keppens, Lannie Rhoads, Jake Smith, Christian Vankelst and Collin set off on the 230 mile ride to Hippy Hole near Palo Verde. Spending the night under the stars the group awoke the next day to make the 170 mile trip to Phoenix where they were in for fun day baking in the sun at a skate ditch.

Let ’em Tell Your Story

A new pair of jeans is like a blank canvas, and pair of white denim is just begging to stained, soiled, scuffed. This fine specimen here is the pair of Solver jeans that Collin Provost wore the entire Southwestern portion of the trip. Let your jeans tell your story.

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